When is the Island now?

A buddy of mine read my theory, ‘The Incident’, and brought up the question of “Where does Faraday’s flashback (of him working on the construction of the Orchid station) fit in all this?” Note that the scientist, Dr. Pierre Chang, makes an appearance during this flashback, dating it sometime in the late 70s early 80s (evident by comment of Andre7 on ‘The Incident’ theory).

On a side note, Faraday’s flashback also supports my theory on the remaining Losties disguising themselves as Dharma employees (see ‘Jin in a Dharma Suit?’). But back to the question of ‘When is the island?’

My buddy also pointed out that young Widmore was working in the Orchid tunnel as well. So sometime during the discovery of the Frozen Donkey Wheel and ‘The Incident’, Widmore leaves the Island (willingly or forcefully we don’t know yet). Assuming Widmore is in his mid to late 20s, and he leaves the island by 1981 (before the Dharma initiation films are copyrighted), this puts his age in the late 50s. Remember, Widmore does not age from the 1950s to the time he leaves the island because the island stops your aging (see ‘Who is Richard Alpert’). 28-30 years is plenty of time to have a grown daughter and become filthy rich. So the time period of late 70s and early 80s sounds about right.

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

6 thoughts on “When is the Island now?

  1. Can you link me to a screenshot that shows Widmore is ACTUALLY working in the Orchid? Or is this speculation. Further, there is NO WAY to be certain that EVERYONE ceases to age on the island as the only person we’ve seen irrefutable evidence on that case is Richard. Take Ellie for example. She looks about mid 20’s on island in 54, and in her late 70s in the present off island. Works perfect. Please post the screenshot if you can get it.

  2. There is no way Widmore was in his 20’s in 1980. Penny has to be close to forty. Sorry can’t buy this one. And to agree with other poster, there is no evidence that merely being on the island stops aging. Aaron ages. Also Alex has aged from a baby to a sixteen year old girl.

  3. It would help to establish some kind of chronology based on the Stations.

    When does Pierre Chang (who has more identities than Billy Milligan) lose an arm.
    When is he recording the arrow film, before or after the Swan and Pearl stations?
    When is the Orchid recorded? What technology is used for each video-film?
    With the copyright dates of the Pearl video and the Swan film (1980) and the fact that the Orcgid was transferred to 3/4” video from 16mm film stock…
    All of this contributes to a better understanding of WHEN the losties wound up with the Dharma I.
    Also you are assuming that Jin, Sawyer and the others left behind are in the same time frame as Jack, Hurley and Kate. They may only account for two weeks from the moment Locke left the island and their present circumstances…

  4. Good point Lockeko on the issue of aging, but Aaron is OFF the island, so his normal aging had resumed. Remember, they were only on the island less than a year, and 3 years off of it. As for Alex growing up from baby to 16 year old, we’re not exactly sure of the time Rousseau and her team was shipwrecked on the island. Now IF Jin was skipping time like the rest of the other Losties, that would date Rousseau’s arrival between the 50s and 70s. If Alex was a baby in the 50s and 70s, then shouldn’t she be AT LEAST in her 30s? I believe the reason she’s only 16 is that the island must have slowed her aging by at least half. Remember, aging is just another form of death and the island can CHOOSE to prevent people from dying (Locke, Rose, Alpert).

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