Bermuda Triangle ?

This is my first theory so I will try my best.

Ok as we all know the island has an electromagnetism power source of some kind, and that when this power was released (Locke not pressing the button) the sky turned purple and that the metal around it changed shape very fast.

The Hutchinson Effect has been linked to the Bermuda triangle. Many survivors of the triangle say that they saw a cloud of ‘fog’ surrounding them and that all their machinery went down, they lost all communication with the outside world for hours, they also state that they saw a bright light. John Hutchinson has done many experiments using electromagnetic forces he has had many outcomes.

These include levitation of objects they hovered and moved about, swirl around and ascend, or shoot off at fantastic speeds. Metal warped and bent and even, lights appeared in the air, along with numerous other corona manifestations; and water spontaneously swirled in containers. Also in other test things appeared surrounded by ‘fog’.

Now to get to my ‘theory’ now I’m not saying that the island is the Bermuda triangle not at all but what if it is something like that. John found that bright lights appeared in the atmosphere and the metal seems to bend with extreme ease. Now when the energy was released the sky changed colour the light of the magnet no doubt and the effects of the metal give me evidence to suggest that the island has the same effect as the triangle. Once you’re in the ‘fog or triangle (island?)’ you cant contact the outside world and your machinery is also effected. This would explain why the ‘others’ use old boats with less technology onboard because they know that they would get lost or that it would fail. Also why 8:15 lost all contact and that they were miles of course, they were of course because the machinery was effected and damaged by the electromagnet. This also explains Desmonds boat being caught in bad weather and washing up on the island (these ‘fogs’ cause storms)

This also explains the green light coming form the wheel, corona manifestations have a green light, we see the light here because it is of high concentration and when turned allows them to jump because they effectively go into the ‘fog’ and come out at another concentration point.

No one knows what happens in the Bermuda triangle at when they come out or where. But many scientists have linked it to ‘wormholes’. They have also so found many other magnetic anomalies especially in the right side of the continents, the route 815 would have been on the right side of the USA and Brazil, this leads me to think that they may have gone through a ‘fog’ and arrived on the island.

What do you think? Is the island and triangle or am I totally of the mark here. It just something that has been nagging at me for ages so I thought I’d put it out there.
I really hope this makes sense, I tried my best to get all the facts in and link them as best I could.

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7 thoughts on “Bermuda Triangle ?

  1. Okay…

    I love it when someone brings up exterior research and brings it to bear on the Lost puzzle.

    Bearing in mind that this is a wonderful work of fiction, anything can (and is) brought into the mix. We just have to be careful about how we present exterior sources.

    John Hutchison’s research, while potentially ground-breaking (if true) is scientifically dubious at best. Documentation of his work is slipshod and the results have not been reproduced (even by himself) with any consistency. For the purposes of a fictional television series, however, it is terific! It involves the discovery of a new energy source called Zero-Point energy that is linked with ‘a sort of’ Casimir effect.

    As for the Bermuda Triangle – please read author Larry Kusche’s fascinating 1972 investigative work ‘The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Solved!’ in which the author de-bunks the very existence of such a triangle.

    Great theory though!

  2. Hi ana_lost_fan!

    Very nicely researched, and well presented theory. I believe you’re on the right track with your line of thinking.

    I do happen to agree with Andre7, on this one, though.

    I wrote a theory, entitled; The Island, The Phoenician Connection and The Numbers.

    I discuss zero-point energy and the Casimir effect as being what ‘the island’ is. Give it a read, if you get the chance.

    Nice first theory!

  3. Nice theory explaining the relation between the electromagnetism of the island with the bermuda triangle. I’ve read other theories where magnetic fields of the earth dictate where the island is located.

    The big dork that I am still likes to think mystical/unexplainable phenomenon is more important than concrete scientific evidence when trying to explain the happenings in LOST. (i.e. time travel, immortality, etc.)

  4. Good first post, very well laid out and easy to read tahnkyou as i hate it when people put to much science into a theory and make it very hard to follow.

    Just a few pointd the sat phones that the freighter crew use are “more sophisticated than anything ive evr seen” quote from Sayid so if what you say is correct then they wouldn’t work on or near the Island.

    The light in the donkey wheel room i think is just there for theatrical reasons i dont think it plays any significance as to the properties of the islands power. It just adds to the mystery of the Donkey Wheel as someone said on a previous post “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

    However seen as though no one knows yet the true events and what not of the show you could very well be correct 🙂

  5. bigdaveg, logically speaking, I think we can get a glimpse of what the writers are referring to, when they mention the Casimir effect, and other such scientific terms.

    Unless, they just like to throw out those scientific terms to mess with us, and keep us guessing, I think it’s safe to say it is what it is.

  6. Lostfan nice theory and research, I love when someone cares about and believes their theories, you can tell you do. It definetly helps you sell this, even to me, and I have read theories along this line before. Nice job.
    Before I go agreeing with A7, I would like to say that the one thing this has going is the fact that Hawking said last episode about different places around the world that have the same type of island qualities, or something of that nature.
    I think they threw that in there to either let people know we would see more of these places. Or to kind of let people know that they are not necessarily wrong, but we will not be seeing these places because they dont carry the importance that the island does.
    Btw…Andre, I would tell you , that you took the words right out of my mouth, but being that i was already thinking that exact same thing while I was reading this…you probably already know what I am going to say. Nice job and I agree fully.
    Either way BigD, nice presentation.

  7. Thank u all for your comments and for being nice 🙂

    and i will take on board what u have said. I linked the site because i was worried that you wouldn’t know what i was talking about, clearly i was wrong 🙂 lol

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