Bible can help us with Jacob?

There are so many references to the bible that I have read in other theories. We know that Jacob is in the bible. We know Aaron is the bible. Jacob is Aaron’s Great-Great Grandfather. So could it be that the Jacob in LOST is also Aaron’s great-grand father, maybe even someone we already know?

So it would be Jacob – Ray – Christian – Thomas (Or Ben if you think like that) – Aaron, or is the bible not important for this part of the show?

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6 thoughts on “Bible can help us with Jacob?

  1. Somebody said in another theory that Ben could be Thomas, this could explain how Ben could challenge Kate for custody of Aaron, Claires mother knew nothing of the child but Ben would have his DNA.

    This would mean a young Ben/Thomas travelled forward in time to be with Claire but we know he has been on the island a long time and he knows how to use the islands time machine.

    This would also link the Shepperd family with his which may be something he needs to continue to lead against locke – my brain is now frazeled, I am going for some food.

  2. Haha my eyes are bleeding lol

    I took it as Ben sending the lawyer to kate’s as a means to get her to run away thus be tracked down by the authorities and lose Aaron and her freedom. This would then leave her a rather tasty option of returning to the island (with Jack) and keeping Aaron and also keep her freedom (well in the islands bubble anyways, on the bright side though no credit crunch, tax rises on the island 🙂 )

  3. cappayne, while researching my theory regarding the Phoenician connection, I came across references to Jacob, etc.

    IMO, the ancient connection to ‘the island’ is also the key to understanding the biblical references.

    I believe ‘lineage’ has a hand in some of the mysteries surrounding Jacob, et el.

  4. It was my theory “Bearer of the Crown” that suggested Ben IS Thomas, not related, but IS. I will stand by this until they prove me wrong. It doesnt necessarily have to mean that Christian and Ben are blood related, but would point to Aaron being more important. Check out the theory, its entertaining even if you dont believe. Honestly, I think it holds more gound than Thomas being Bens son.

  5. They certainly look similar to me (Ben and Thomas) and you could see grown up been traveling through time or using the Island as a means to manipulate his young self to do what he did to Claire, convince her to keep the baby, and then leave forcing her into the chain of events that brought her and Aaron to the Island.

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