Grandpa Sheppard

Can any tell me if we have seen Grandpa Sheppard on screen before? and if so when and what episode?

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3 thoughts on “Grandpa Sheppard

  1. As far as im aware we’ve never seem him before. However as soon as i found out who he was i looked on lost pedia and searched for that close up pic of Jacobs eye and tried to find a decent close up of Ray’s eye. I couldnt find 1 of Ray but if someone could find and maybe post some pics to add weight to/squash the idea of there being some long line of the Shepperd family and connection to Jacob and the Island

  2. To be honest, the very first second, I thought the shot of Jacks eye was the eye from the cabin that Hurley saw. No joke. I know people say that stuff all the time, but I really thought it was the man in the cabin when I first saw it. They panned away to reveal Jack and I sat bewildered for the next hour of television. Like the very first epeisode…they had me from the start.
    If anyone can post a screenshot of Jacks eye in that particular scene and the eye shot Hurley saw in the cabin window, even if its wrong Ill rest a little easier, if its right though..nah..too easy?

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