A return to the island and a return to Adam and Eve

Greetings fellow fans!

Watching the latest ep last night I got to thinking about a theory I had a long time ago in another life. I can’t retrieve it unfortunately but it ran along the folowing lines.

Adam and Eve were found in the caves with one black stone and one white, seeming to imply that a choice of sorts had been made. They were the winners (or losers) of a lottery that saw them selected perhaps as a sacrifice to the island.

At the time speculation was rife around who these characters were. Many folk, myself included, believe that one of these people was Jack and the other was Kate. I think last night’s episode (UK viewer alert, lol) was the clearest sign that Adam and Eve were in fact K&J.

When Jin turned up in his brand new Dharma van I guessed that we must now be back in the 50’s or thereabouts which, if I remember rightly was when the clothing on the dead bodies dated back to. Are K&J going to get stuck in the wrong time to save the other Losties?

I think we are about to see a lot of the original Lost mysteries being cleared up including the mystery of who programmed the musical code! Maybe we will even get to see Chaaaarlie again… Something to mull over anyway.


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Known as The Missus to friends, mrssawyer is a five seasons (and counting) fan of Lost with a particular love of our long-haired lothario, James Ford. A doyen of the LT site, The Missus is overjoyed to have found this site peopled with old and new faces, and like-minded individuals. Two small people keep The Missus from joining in as much as she would like but she reads every post via the newsfeed and thinks Emzi is a genuis for including this function.

16 thoughts on “A return to the island and a return to Adam and Eve

  1. Hi Mrssawyer

    The adam and eve part has always been of huge interest, especialy since the writers have said they placed them there to prove they knew where they were going from the start.

    I don’t think it will be J&K, my thoughts were on Aaron and Suns daughter but I am not sure. It just seems right for the two youngest to end up being the two oldest/longest lasting on the island.

    I am looking forward to the adam and eve revelation being revealed but i think it will right at the end as the final twist!!

  2. Ive just posted a similar comment on a silly idea that i had. I to thought Adam & Eve would be Aaron & Ji-Yeon but seen as though they’ve not been brought back to the island (for now maybe Desmond will bring them back??) seems to have left me with 2 choices Jack & Kate or Bernard & Rose. Im leaning towards Bernard and Rose as it would be quite fitting that he said they’d always be together and he goes where she goes in S2 on the beach. Also i dont think that because 1 is black and 1 is white either

  3. Hi bigdaveg

    It could Desmond and Penny, they have a way to get to the island and they are opposites like the pebbles – english/scottish, wealthy/poor, successful/failure, posh/working class.

    But my money is on Aaron and Ji Yeon, we do not know where they are but they could easily be taken back and if they are taken back whoever had them would have a lot of power over the losties, a lot of power!!

  4. That is a good point about using the children as pawns. Is Widmore that nasty and or desperate that he would track down the children? Why hasn’t Sun brought Ji-Yeon with her? Although im not sure that she knows that she cant get back to the outside world (if what Ben says to Jack is true anyway) yeah i thought about desmond and penny but the only thing that bothers me is why if they are in uniform don’t they die inside of 1 of the stations? unless they were placed there? hmm so many idea’s

  5. My vote is Jack and Kate. Remember what Jack does when they find the bodies. He takes the stones as if he knows something about them he shouldn’t. Maybe this is future Jack taking the stones, to make sure that he and Kate are holding them when they die.

  6. Hi Cappayne

    Or he took the stones to try to stop what is going to happen, happening.

    Bigdaveg – I was thinking of Ben returning the kids (or one of his cronies) but good idea with Widmore, he and Sun seem to have reached an agreement and she seems amazingly cool about leaving behind her baby (my wife can’t leave ours for 1 hour!). Maybe Sun and Widmore are worling together and have a plan to beat Ben. just ideas

  7. I’m going to say Ben and Juliet, just for fun. I read a theory a few days ago about how Ben always seemed so sure about how Juliet was “his”. That theory said that he and Juliet eventually become a couple and Ben knows that, so he brings her to the Island and tries to make them a couple, only she doesn’t seem to correspond his feelings, but as he knows it will happen, he patiently waits for her to come around.
    Or, it could just be an obcession. But Kate and Jack being Adam&Eve would be so obvious that I don’t really want it to happen, so I’m going for the unexpected, maybe foolish, theory 🙂

  8. I think Sawyer and Juiet may find romance together. It seems that way since the beginning of this season. Think about it, sitting on the beach together, running through the jungle together, probably gonna pose as a couple joining the Dharma initiative…one thing leads to another…and bam! Sawyer and Juliet sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. LOL!

  9. Kate and Sawyer would be a good ending but i think again it just seems to obvious and the writers are forever throwing us off track. I dont think we’re going to find out until the last epeisode who is Adam & Eve, maybe even the closing scene??

  10. Remember the stones that jack takes, well in a later episdoe Claire is dreaming and in the dream is Locke and the stones are in his eyes, could Locke be Adam? Also Juliette was marked in Season 3 for shooting Danny. Maybe Juliette is Eve and Locke is Adam. I say this because i think we’re coming to the conclusion that Locke isn’t meant to be the leader and is banished from being a part of the Others and Juliette is banished also but can’t think of a reason of why they get banished. Im just thinking outside of the bubble as i dont want lost to end up with a real soppy love scene

  11. My money is still on Aaron and Ji Yeon. It seemed to me that the two in the cave had been living on the island alone so it makes sense that it’s two people who came to the island alone (and not with the O5). Fate could bring Aaron and Ji Yeon together later… who says if they come back to the island they have to come as children? And Lord only knows WHEN they’d end up if they made it back…

  12. Thanks for your comments everyone. AES you are not alone, lol. I think Kate and Sawyer are a much better match than Jate but that’s an argument for another day 🙂

    Interesting that many people see Aaron and Jin-Yeon as Adam and Eve. I must confess I hadn’t thought about that at all.

    Bigdaveg love your suggestion of Juliette and Locke. It would be quite poetic I think. Ah well we shall have to wait and see!

  13. Heres the problem with the kids being Adam and Eve, They are kids…the bodies are adults. If you try to write a story of this caliber, they already have so many questions to answer, without having to go through the life and death of at least 2 children without rushing. Its the same reason why I rule out Aaron as Jacob. I think it works, I think it makes sense, a lot actually, it is just such a long process after going through 5 1/4 seasons so far, to explain the whole life of a child.
    Yeah they could take a couple episodes, or rush it if they wanted, but thats going to take more time away from all the other important characters.
    DeGroots are my guess for Adam/Eve..Jin/Sun maybe or Des/Penny (not likely because shes dead already most likely), but I think the kids are a) not important enough, b) not on the island, and c) Who cares? Who cares that Jack took the stones and touched the bodies. Yeah, hes kind of related to Aaron, but I think Aarons role will be signifigantly larger than Ji Yeon, and after all the “special” talk involving him, it would feel cheap to take that away.
    Sorry if you disagree, just think about it. How many episodes left, How many would satisfy you to see a childs life go by with real meaning and understanding, while allowing time for all other mysteries to explain themselves.
    I dont know, I just think Aaron is more signifigant, and Ji Yeon is not as important.

  14. I don’t really think there’s much we’d need to know about the kids. I’d imagine they’d have pretty normal childhoods so what needs to be explained? Maybe they both get stranded on the island as teenagers and we just have a couple of “Blue Lagoon” episodes ending with them dying in a cave…

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