Ive got proof now

Ok this is really a silly idea, but maybe so silly it cud actually be true.

With all the time jumping what if Adam and Eve really is Adam and Eve? After all there seems to be no limit on how far back the island time can go. I had to put this out there because if it does end up being true id have no proof of it 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Ive got proof now

  1. I think Adam and Eve will be characters we already know. Because Jack seems to take the rocks from them, as if he knows something about them. Adam and Eve could be Jack and Kate.

  2. But yeah i think that it’s jack and kate had read on the lost-theories site that someone had posted a theory that it cud be Ji-Yeon and Aaron which i thought would have been a great story but since neither of them are on the island thats forced me to think of others (no pun). In fact highbrow was that you who wrote that theory on Adam & Eve being Ji-yeon & Aaron?

  3. I think it was but I doubt I’m the only one who wrote about that… I really do think it’s Aaron and Ji Yeon. I doubt very much that we’ve seen the last of those two but never the less, everyone has returned to the island and they’re both left out in the outside world. I think they’re going to get together at some point (maybe as adults, searching for their parents?) and end up on the island. Mayhaps though further in the past though (because apparently when you go to the island there’s no telling when you’ll end up).

    And I get the feeling that Adam and Eve (whoever they are) lived on the island alone (another reason I don’t think it’s Jack and Kate). If they lived with others I think someone would have done something with their bodies or we would have found more bodies…

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