Four toed statue

Does anyone know how many toes Richard Alpert has?!

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6 thoughts on “Four toed statue

  1. I think the Four Toed statue might have something to do with Sawyer, in the Little Prince Sawyer randomly claims to have pricked his toe because he is walking barefoot. Nothing else is said about it, he seems like the type of guy who would let it go (like his headaches and him needing glasses) until it becomes infected then someone will tell him/or he will cut it off because of the pain or infection. Walking around in the jungle with an cut on your foot is probably not a good idea.

    With all the other eras discussed I don’t think the time travelers only stop will be at the Dhamra Initative. Sawyer is a pretty cool dude, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone built a statue of his foot.

  2. I think the statue is of Alpert, as it’s possible that he’s been there since ancient times. I think we will find out who it is when we see them barefoot.

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