Bernard and Rose

The following comes from a wikipedia site for Bernard Nadler: “He stayed with her during the shifts in time after Ben moves the island and was still on the beach untill it came under attack by The Others circa 1954. He has not been seen since.” After I read this I thought it strange that it says 1954 and it made me think of the “Adam and Eve” situation. The black and white stones the two never apart. Seems like Bernard and Rose could be “Adam and Eve”. Tell me what you think, its weak, but something interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Bernard and Rose

  1. This has always been a thought in my mind. They would seem like the type of couple that would carry matching stones.

    I just feel like they will be back, and A&E will be more “important” characters.

  2. LostHead, I made the same connection in another post about Adam and Eve, and the comment Jack made to Kate about the corpses being approximately 40 to 50 years of age.

  3. Actually he said that the corpses had been dead for aproximately 40 to 50 years 🙂
    He had no way of determining what their ages were, just their genders.

  4. I think since Rose connected the island with her being healed and that she is scared to leave because she thinks she will get sick again. Bernard will never leave Rose and would do anything for her it seemed like maybe a good choise for the “Adam and Eve” characters.

  5. Oompa you said what I was going to say, lol.

    I have to say I really DON’T think Adam and Eve are Bernard and Rose. I think it would be too contrived to have one black and one white stone if that were the case. I do think its good to consider all options though!

  6. I could see the two of them staying there forever and not wanting to leave since it would mean her death and because of them the two remaining on the island.

    That is a sweet and tragic romantic tale we have often seen told before, the question is would the writers go for something like that? I am not sure, but I kind of like it.

  7. I think that the others, no pun intended, will have their part, and Rose and Bernrd do deserve a good ending to their story, trgic or not. I have always believed that the A&E bodies are the DeGroots. I would expect a backstory on them at some point and although the time periods dont exactly add up, I think they will end upo being Adam and Eve, or the “first” two not necesarrily on the island, but with a romantic/tragic story.

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