Eloise & Widmore

Can’t find a search on this site to check for other similiar posts so…In Jughead, looks to me like “Ellie” is a young Eloise Hawking; I’m thinking that she & Widmore got together on the island (or off) and Faraday is their son. thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Eloise & Widmore

  1. It is evident that Ellie and Eloise are the same, and a fact that Daniel is her son. As for Widmore being the father, definately possible, as Widmore funded Faraday’s research. We talked more in depth on this in another thread, can’t remember which one.

  2. I get bored with people always trying to pair up characters.
    I’m not bored with your theory, just the thought of another possible romance. I agree that they could have been lovers, but I don’t think Widmore is Daniel’s father. It would be Christian’s story all over again.

  3. Do you think it’s THREE families of sort vying for the island? Widmore, Ben, and Jacob? I don’t see Ben and Jacob panning out to be on the side side. I think we are going to see this as a three part war.

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