Sawyers Place in all of this

I am and have been for a long while confused with where Sawyer fits into all of this. It’s my understanding that when the producers came up with the original idea Sawyer was a major player but apart from being dropped in a bucket load of handsome, he doesn’t really do much except hang around.

You can justify most of the other characters Jack – Leader, John – challenger,

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11 thoughts on “Sawyers Place in all of this

  1. Well he played many minor parts in the past:

    – Eye Candy
    – Comic Relief
    – ‘Inter-lostie’ dilemmas (someone had to be the guy who caused problems early on; it would be too easy if everyone got along from the start and worked together)
    – You mentioned love triangle

    As for now, I don’t know. He still could be on the journey he has been on since childhood, he could be a character that the writers have as a go-to to do something important that wouldn’t make sense for the other characters, or he could be killed…

  2. I read that origanally they were going to kill Jack Shepherd in the pilot episode and have Kate be the leader. I think they kept Jack because his character resonates with fans. I think Sawyer is sort of the antithesis to Jack, but has turned into the guy that everyone loves to hate. More love than hate.

  3. I think Sawyers role is to be the come back guy. From the start he’s been becoming steadily more and more likeable… in the end he will have completed the transition from jerk to hero.

    Think Han Solo…

  4. He’s also the only true intellectual on the island (besides Ben). He killed Cooper, he sacrificed his place on the freighter…

    If we take him as a literary reference, it’s worthwhile to note that he’s a foil for Huck Finn (who is the son of the town drunk/aka Jack?) and is always getting into mischief and pulling cons….but there’s definitely more to his story.

  5. Ah the Sawyer thread. I’m just glad I didn’t have to start it myself 😉

    I really hope they don’t just let his character fade away. If he has to go out he should go out with a bang!

    I think he fills many roles. He is the tough guy with a heart of gold. He is, as Mr Brow says, Han Solo. He is the eye candy. He is also the anti-hero. The foil to Jack’s hero.

    Loving your Twain reference btw Kittycarson (loving your name too, my new baby is called Kitty :-)!)

  6. prosperoburns, I think Sawyer is at least for the time being, the ‘new’ leader of ‘the losties’.

    Sawyer, is the intellectual, no nonsense, take no prisoner, tough guy, who brings no preconceived notions or baggage to his leadership.

    He has successfully dealt with ‘his demons’, and brings along the ‘logical’ approach that was lacking in both Jack and Locke.

    Expect, that Sawyer will prove to be a fairly good nemesis, to anyone who challenges his authority or leadership.

  7. Remember when Jack performed surgery on Ben and Hurley said that the Losties looked up to Sawyer as their new leader. He strikes me as the unwilling to take charge, but when it was forced onto him he seemed to like the idea. He’s just never been in that situation before where he’s had to be responsible for anyone else (He denied he had his daughter Clementine) he hates responsibility but wants people to look upto him, makes him feel as if he’s finally acheived something meaningful.

  8. Great point Dave and there is an old saying that goes something like “He who wants to lead most is often the last person who you should trust with the responsibility” or something of that nature.

    So the shear fact Sawyer doesn’t want the job says to me he could be the right person for the job because he does not want it for fame, or self serving reasons (despite actions he takes to serve his own needs). If that makes sense.

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