Polar Bears

A couple of facts and questions.

– We know that the Purge occured on December 19th, 1992.
– We know that before the Purge, DHARMA were experimenting with Polar Bears on the island.
– We know that some Polar Bears survived the Purge.

– Do we how old the experimented Polar Bears were?
– Do we know when the Polar Bears were brought to the island?

Because I did a little research on Polar Bears, which said that they live from 15-18 years in the wild. So even if the ones we see were brought to the island as infants in 1992, they would be around 12-13 years old in the wild (and not their normal habitat) AND have survived an island-wide toxic gas, and I assume they were not given gas masks. And this is the best case scenario. I doubt DHARMA would experiment on baby bears, so assuming a bear would be at least 8 in 1992, that would make the bears over 20, living in the wild, surviving toxic gas.

So this could be something that the writers have sort of looked past, saying “who cares, it’s just the bears”, or maybe the islands aging phenomenon we sometimes see extends to bears as well, which is why we keep seeing them (unless we constantly see them to make more “problems” for the losties). Also, there are so many references to polar bears, like Hurley’s magazine, Michael giving Walt a stuffed Polar Bear a a child, a polar bear in the Drive Shaft commercial crib etc.

Just some food for thought.

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16 thoughts on “Polar Bears

  1. Well, Richard is still alive after all this time so maybe it’s just because they’re on the island that they live so long. Maybe everyone on the island lives longer than normal… I don’t think we’ve seen anyone who looks old on the island… maybe people and animals just don’t get old.

    As for the toxic gas… I have a theory about that. I shared it on another site and it didn’t go over very well but basically I don’t believe there actually was any.

  2. Except that Ben, Danielle, and Alex have all aged I am not quite sure What this means I just think there is more involved. Something else adds to the anti-aging of those characters or polar bears.

  3. But Rousseau aged 16 years on that island and so did Alex. So either the island randomly choses who ages and who doesn’t or there has to be another explanation.

    Also, why do you doubt they experimented on baby bears? Some experiments could be on babies to alter their metabolism, so that they could adjust to living in the wild or strengthen them or prolong their life expectancy. I say there are plenty of possibilities.

  4. I doubted they experimented on babies simply because polar bears are endangered and need to reproduce to stay alive, and potentially harming/killing a bear that has not produced offspring is cruel.

  5. Yes, but I don’t think DHARMA was worried about being cruel. A lot of scientists aren’t. And I didn’t say they experimented on every baby polar bear, maybe just a couple, for some specific research. The other ones would be able to grow and reproduce still. I just don’t see DHARMA being worried about animal rights or consequences. Specially if they were working for “the greater good” as they believed.

  6. That’s true. Even if they were (all) babies, at the time of 1992, which would be a stretch because that would mean that the bears would have to be delivered to the island in 1992, the same year of the Purge, they would still be 12-14 years old, which is a long time out of their habitat, and (assuming the gas from the Purge was real), that would have to shorten their lifespan.

    I just feel that if the producers time was spent worrying about the polar bears, there would have to be more to just the bears being alive.

  7. cappayne, I believe the polar bears were chosen because of their ability to acclimatize to extreme weather changes.

    No matter how hot the temperature is, their fur does not change colour and they can survive under any changes.

    I’m pretty sure that’s why Dharma chose them, and their experiments may have been limited to climatic changes only.

  8. Thankyou Dabs everyone is on about there ageing process, but the bigger question for me is what were the experiments about?

    Also there’s noway the Dharma would be bothered about Polar bears being endangered if it’s so hard to find the island, i mean its not as if the WWF are going to send a freighter sponsored by Widmore industries full off mercenaries to capture Benjamin Linus and bring him back to the outside world to stand trial…… or am i on to something there????? hmmmmmmm 🙂

  9. ALSO! Reaussau (i never get the spelling right) was also on the island during the purge. and she seems ok. so perhaps the purge was more localized, which would also explain why ben opened a canister to kill his father instead of letting the island-wide purge kill him.

  10. Well the gas being non-island-wide is a theory, as lostpedia lists the Purge as an island-wide toxic gas. Rousseau survived possibly becuase by that time (4 years on the island), she could definately already be living in that underground home where she holds Sayid, thus protecting her from the outside air.

  11. however, for the gas to be island wide it can’t be lighter than air or the whole island wouldn’t be covered, it would have to be heavier or almost the same and dissipate eventually. maybe reausseau is trickier than we thought…

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