Cristian Shephard

After reading his characters biography. I noticed that he was suffering the same depression that Jack was suffering from. He was a drunk and had his medical license suspended for performing surgery under the influence of alcohol. He had spent time traveling away from his family, dissapearing for long periods of time. I think that he had been on the island before. While trying to find his way back to the island he had a relationship with Carole Littleton (Claire’s mom). Then he finds out that he needs to get a group of people together on a plane and get them to the island (not sure how he finds this out). He is able to do this and those people board flight 815. His son Jack boards to bring his body back to the states, which is how he is able to get back to the island (as evidenced by the fact that he has had contact with various survivors of flight 815). I think that we will see that he will have an increased roll in the show. He has far too many connections to all the characters to just be a bit part or pawn in the mix.

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4 thoughts on “Cristian Shephard

  1. A very possible scenario seeing as we have seen him on the Island several times, most recently instructing Locke. Given the shifting time elements of the show, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say it was him before he died, at least in my opinion.

    My question recently has been whether he essentially committed suicide to convince his son to go back before flight 815. Up until now we know it was “alcohol related” …

  2. I wonder if it is Christian’s solo mission to get them all to the island. Locke, Ben and Jack all tried to get the O6 o 815, so maybe Christian wasn’t alone. I’m thinking Edward Mars had to bring Kate to the island (Christian had no contact with Kate), and once his purpose was completed (getting Kate there), the island was finished with him, and “killed him” with the metal in his stomach.

  3. Very interesting idea Losthead I wonder if it is possible that Lockes life almost imitates Christians life and Locke will now become a character very similar to what Christian is now on the island.

  4. LostHead, I like the idea that Christian could have been on ‘the island’ at some point.

    Like father, like son, comes to mind with the comparisons you make.

    I am not certain Christian had anything to do with getting everyone on board #815, though.

    I think something larger was at work!

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