The Island — Ancient Egypt — Eye of Horus *Updated*

I can’t help but keep think that ancient egypt mythology has something to do/is a big part of the Island. The hieroglyphics, the enormous statue with four toes and The Temple. I believe that the Smoke Monster was originally created by the egyptians to guard the Temple, the Island (hence the hieroglyphics on the door to where Ben went to “call” the smoke monster to go after keamy and his men), also to judge the others (which was shown when Ben needed to be judged for having Alex killed). I think that the others are decendants of egyptians and I know someone else noticed that Richard Alpert might stand for the egyptian god RA. I also beleive this is the case. It would explain why he doesn’t seem to be aging.

There is alot to this. The four-toed statue is part of it obviously because egyptians were known to build statues to honor gods (Plus the statue is old seeing how over half of it is missing, it could have crumbled century after century). When they show the full statue from the back its shown holding an ankh in each hand. Egyptian Gods are often shown carrying the ankh by its hoop, or holding one in each hand, crossing their chest.
The Tunisian desert is where Ben ended up and also where they found the polar bear remains, it also happens to be almost right beside Egypt. I think that the egyptians we’re the first ones to find/create the island. A note from lostpedia mentioned that If the world were a squashed-flat sandwich and you pushed a toothpick through Tunisia, the pointy end would come out in the South Pacific, just east of Australia. Tunisia appears to be at coordinates on the exact other side of the world from a patch of ocean in the South Pacific where the island may well be located.
I found this kind of interesting, Horace Goodspeed (in the show) was a mathematician (The ancient Egyptians possessed one of the earliest forms of mathematics, inspiring all mathematcal traditions that would follow in history). When Ben came back from the Purge he only seemed to feel sorry for Horace as he closed his eyes for him once he was dead. Horace built the cabin that Jacob lives in aswell, but I dont get why someone from Dharma would be building a cabin for the others?
This is about an acient egyptian god named Horus…

*All of the following information is copied from -Wikipedia-*
Horus is a god of the Ancient Egyptian religion. Horus was an ancient and important deity. He was also the son of Isis and Osiris. Some details of the character are changed or intermixed with other characters throughout the different dynasties and Egyptian cults and religions.
The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities, in this case from Horus or Ra. Horus had a man’s body and a falcon’s head. Horus fought with Seth for the throne of Egypt. As Horus was the ultimate victor he became known as Harsiesis, Heru-ur or Har-Wer (‘Horus the Great’), but more usually translated as Horus the Elder. In the battle Set had lost a testicle, explaining why the desert, which Set represented, is infertile (maybe this is why the others are unable to have a baby on the island). Horus’ left eye had also been gouged out, which explained why the moon, which it represented, was so weak compared to the sun.This healing of the eye became a symbol of renewal. Horus united Egypt and bestowed divinity upon the pharaohs who were viewed as incarnations of Horus in life. The Eye of Horus “was intended to protect the king in the afterlife” and to ward off evil. Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern sailors would frequently paint the symbol on the bow of their vessel to ensure safe sea travel.

In arithmetic:
In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye Of Horus defined an Old Kingdom rounded off number one (1) = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64, by throwing away 1/64. ( Do the numbers look familiar? I know its not exactly the same numbers but it’s close and there are 6… Oceanic 6…)
The metaphorical side of this information linked the Old Kingdom six fractions, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64 to separate parts of the eye, as noted by:
~1/2 was represented by smell, symbolized by the right side of the eye in a form of the nose.
~1/4 was represented by sight or the sensation of light, symbolized by the pupil.
~1/8 was represented by thought, symbolized by the eyebrow
~1/16 was represented by hearing, symbolized by the left side of the eye in the form of an arrow pointing towards the ear.
~1/32 was represented by taste, by the sprouting of wheat or grain from the planted stalk, symbolized by a curved tail.
~1/64 was represented by touch, symbolized by a leg touching the ground, or what can also be thought of as a strong plant growing into the surface of the earth.

This is a picture to explain it better

With the last few episode that have been shown, I am more and more convinced that ancient egyptians created the island. They believed in Gods of healing and rebirth etc. So that would make more sence as to why Locke was able to walk when 815 first crashed and how Rose’s cancer seemed to go away. The others speak latin, which is an Italic language, historically spoken in Latium and Ancient Rome (Ancient Rome had many influences from Acient Egypt).
Well this is my theory of who were the original people living on the island. I know more people have posted stuff like this since I first posted this in February but I just wanted to update and finish what I started. I know there is more I want to say, but I think i’ve said enough for now 🙂

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9 thoughts on “The Island — Ancient Egypt — Eye of Horus *Updated*

  1. Im intrigued. I would like to see you finish this if you have more info, very interesting stuff. Not sure if they’ll go egyptian on us, but I love your ideas.

  2. BooneEyes, I like your theory. Some good thoughts here.

    I like the Eye of Horus, and believe it may have been the eye of Horace Goodspeed we saw in Jacob’s cabin. Particularly because of this reference.

  3. That does make sense, I just dont get why Horace has the ability to be in the cabin. Not that I dont like the idea, makes more sense combined with this theory than any other Ive read. Why not be Horace?

  4. I admire the theory a lot and second that I would like to see you conclude your hypothesis. It is interesting, based in fact, and plausible.

    For myself I do not think it will be one ancient people or influence but perhaps several. I certainly see Egyptian influence in the glyphs/runes if nothing else.

    They are quite plainly Egyptian and if run through the Hieropreter software designed to help you translate them you see some fascinating results.

    For example the glyphs in the hatch when they almost fail to hit the execute command in time translate into

  5. I also felt that Egyptian mythology plays a key roll in this, I originally thought like you did that the Egyptians created everything on the Island, The idea of healing magnetism is also an Egyptian discovery. My only issue with this is that Tunisia is the exit point, not an entrance point. But what if the ancient civilization was BEFORE Egypt. What if the island was home to a civilization far more advanced than the rest of the world, and they took the exit to Tunisia. Those searching for a place to settle in that area would obviously choose the Nile valley. All of the things we have been identifying as “Egyptian” are actually part of this older civilization, they brought their culture and technology with them.

    The other thing that makes me go along with this is that if the civilization decided to pass through the exit, they would most likely leave someone behind to care for the island. This explains the mystery that is Richard Alpert. Richard seems to have been on the island forever unaging, and yet he doesn’t seek a leadership position so much as making sure the right people are there to take care of the island.

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