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One thing that I keep thinking about, may not be important, is Daniel. He supposedly was on the island when Charlotte was a little girl. When we see him at the university he is kind of lost in his thoughts and takes notes kind of haphazardly, all over the place. I started thinking about the notes that we see in the hatch when John gets his legs pinned and was thinking that they seemed like they could have been written by Daniel. I am not sure but I wonder if there could be something here……….Any thoughts?

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14 thoughts on “Daniel questions

  1. Daniel being on the island when Charlotte was a child could just have been him time travelling, as Charlotte only remembers after her sickness symptoms, and all the time travelling/getting to know Charlotte, she never recognizes him.

  2. What has stuck in my head was Charlotte says, “When I was little, living here, there was this man, crazy man, and he really scared me. And he told me that I had to leave the island and never ever come back. He told me that if I came back, I would die.” and then says, “Daniel, I think that man was you.” So I can see how he could be responsible for all the stations. Maybe during a time flash he was sent back and was forced or coerced to create all the stations. I wonder if he may have been locked in that room in the hatch at another time and wrote those notes then. He may have been locked in there because like Charlotte said he was a “crazy man”, and when he tried to explain his thoughts they took him for a crazy man and locked him in the hatch.

  3. I think she refers to him as “crazy man” and NOT anyone else, as she was a child, and there was this guy who was spewing all this information as fast as possible before he time shifted again.

    So he would be talking fast, talking about stuff foreign to DHARMA (we assume Charlotte is DHARMA, no? or an Other?) and she finds him crazy.

    If someone comes up to a 6 year old version and tells you “Don’t open the crate no matter what you do!” You would think they are crazy as well.

  4. ** By not anyone else I mean “Only Charlotte called her Crazy Man, the other people on the island, older people, might not have seen him as crazy, since they are not little children”

  5. I can also see that he may have been responsible for the building of the various stations around the island. He does seem to know more than he is letting on. If he had been on the island before he would also have had a bloody nose. So the logical thing is to say that he gets sent somewhere else in time. Regardless, IMO, he has a larger role than we currently understand.

  6. So that is to say that he had knowledge that Charlotte was on the island before and that he coincidently was sent to the time in which she was a little girl and was able to find her and only her and warn her to get off the island. Seems awfully coincidental.

  7. Not to say that it didn’t happen. When I think about it maybe he flashed to the time when Charlotte was on the island. Which could have been when Dharma was there. The stations were already there and maybe they all saw him as crazy and locked him in the hatch. Thats when he wrote the notes on the wall.

  8. Not to be facetious or overly simple, but I think we are 99% sure that the ‘current’ time the Losties – Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Miles, Jin – are in are the 1970s, which was very much when Dharma was on island. And now we add to it that Jack, Kate, Hurley and 316 are in that time period, too.

    One way we know it is the 70s because of the very new VW van that Jin is driving at the end of “316”.

    So, I would assume that was most likely the decade that Charlotte was born, on island, and therefore a little girl.

    Locke moved the island as the last move to ‘stabilize’ the island and stop the temporal shifts. This last move sent them to the 70s and it hasn’t moved since. This last move would account for Daniel’s work with Dharma as well as for him confronting young Charlotte.

    Coincidence? Probably some “Course Correction”…I guess it depends on if you use words like irony or destiny…

  9. Remember that Desmond has a “memory” about something that Faraday does on the island. I reckon the same thing happened to Charlotte when she passed out; she had the memory of Faraday.

  10. Charlotte says she left the island with her mom when she was little and then was convinced by her mom that she had made the whole thing up about living on the island.

    She also says she never saw her dad again.

    This is just crazy speculation, but could Daniel BE her dad? Could Daniel meet someone on the island at Dharma, fall in love and have a child. Then send his love and child off the island and remain to face his fate? And who is Theresa to Daniel?

  11. What I don’t get is how Charlotte mom was still alive is Charlotte was born on the island.

    As for Faraday being her dad, it has been discussed. I think it’s interesting in the 1954 scene how he says “in love with her” but that might be an act. He never kisses her (intimately), only hug and cheek kiss… It seems really stretchy to say he’s the dad, seems like a Paradox.

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