More questions about Daniel

I still think that it is possible that he wrote the notes on the wall in the hatch. Does anyone else think this is possible. Emzi also has a great point, Emzi says that she thinks Daniel may have had something to do with the building of the stations on the island. Either influenced by Daniel or his direct responisibility. Anyone have any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “More questions about Daniel

  1. from lostpedia:

    Former Swan inhabitant Radzinsky started the map, adding to it during the only time the blast door was engaged, during lockdowns. He and Swan partner Kelvin Inman regularly tricked the system into initiating lockdowns in order to paint the map, which was only visible under blacklight. (“Live Together, Die Alone”) Following the death of Radzinsky, Kelvin continued the map, although at a much slower pace. He told Desmond that he di

  2. Wow I totally forgot that episode. Guess I got a little caught up in the time shift element of the latest episodes. Mybe I was time shifted and lost a memory of that episode. JK LOL

  3. I have suggested in a few of my posts, that Dan may have been the creator of not only some of the hatches, but the orchid and the actual time machine in the island itself. I think the energy source was either natural, or harnassed from Jughead.
    I think that the name Faraday was given to him for the role due to the acyual Faraday who created the “faraday cage”. It was basically a box that was able to protect what was inside from electromagnetism pulses, fields, etc..
    I think this could explaineverything from the Swan to the Orchid, and how Dan and Hawking already know so much about the island.

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