“Then God help us all”

Just wanted to point out that both Marvin Candle in episode 501 and Eloise Hawking in episode 502 said the exact same line: “Then God help us all.”

Nothing in LOST is a coincidence, as the writers choose what is said, and it seems a little too suspicious that a sentence that could easily be substituted for “Then we’re all screwed” or something of te like is used by two different mysterious/important characters.

Are they somehow connected? Encountered each other on the island perhaps? Something else?

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9 thoughts on ““Then God help us all”

  1. I may get hung for saying this but….

    As there is so many mysteries, connections and what not in the show people start to examine every single minute detail. This being a perfect example. If you here someone else says it on say the Fringe then are we lead to believe that lost is connected to the fringe (yes i know about the writers and Abbaddon), no we aren’t are we? Maybe someone else said it in a previous episdoe of Lost but we don’t make the connection, why? because it’s just a saying. Don’t forget that the writers are still the same, so it may just be 1 of thier favourite sayings or something they relate to.

    I don’t mean to sound so negative and i apologise if i have come across that way. The only connection you have is they used the same phrase and both are fairly mysterious. You then jump to “Are they somehow connected? Encountered each other on the island perhaps? Something else?” bit of a leap from the evidence you have to a want your question(s) are asking, don’t you think?

    All i’m saying is try not to just over analyse every line of dialogue, every piece of clothing, every glance that someone makes. I know im going to get slated for saying that but i had to get it off my chest.

  2. I agree with you, bigdaveg. I think the purpose ‘God help us all’ was just to reinforce the urgency and dangerousness out of a situation. And also, that line was used in the same episode, one at the beginning and one at the end of the episode. If anything it was just linking the importance of carefully handling the island’s energy and of getting the O6 back.

  3. dave, when you said the connection of something that could have also been said in the past, i just wanted to point out that this happened in back to back episodes, not just two rando episodes, by one person off the island in a church, and a guy on the island in the orchid.

    Maybe there is no connection, but that’s why this is in the “Fun” section, I’m not writing this as some brilliant discovery, I’m just pitching that they might be connected and it would be an interesting, “FUN” thought to have. Sorry for offending you.

  4. no no u didnt offend me thats what i was trying to say and i did see afterwards that it was in the fun section, sry 🙁 i was just saying that people have a tendency to over analyse things thats all. It wasn’t my intention to put ure discovery down or belittle you in any shape or form.

    PS i’ll be extra nice on ure next post, promise 🙂

  5. Since this is the FUN section I send you both a big hug, you galoots!

    But seriously. Lost is carefully written and shot, to the point of madness. The creators also know that fans hang on EVERY word and image.

    They have to see it as a game (as do we). Coincidence and accident are part of what can happen during the production and ‘reading’ of any work of art.

    I am just hoping that the Season 6 dvd after it is all over) will include an in-depth documentary on the way they played and experienced the game.

    I would love to hear their part of it. What speculations did they become aware of with awe, delight or dismay.

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