Dead Locke’s Behavior Vs Dead Christians

So it remains to be seen how close the similarities between what happened with Christian and what will happen tonight with Locke really are. My money is on pretty damn close.

So if they both died and were “resurrected” on the Island, I am interested to see how Locke’s post-posthumous behavior contrasts with Christian.

Using Christian as a template, when dead people are resurrected on the Island they will:
1. Do nothing for the first 5 days.
2. Appear suddenly, and always in the periphery, tending to favor the treeline, and, on rare occasions, the shallow surf.
3. Disappear conveniently when nobody is looking, or, if inclined, slink ghostly into the treeline.
4. Walk perpetually at a stiff and sturdy gait, pausing for long periods of time to stare off into nothing.
5. After exactly 107 days, tire of such aimlessness, choosing a purposeful existence instead. During this time they will seek shelter in a wooden and spectral abode.
7. From this vantage, make purposefully vague statements about purpose and destiny.
8. Once they have satisfied these urges, seek the comfort of a subterranean dwelling chamber, preferably one in proximity to a large quantity of exotic matter.

Will John Locke follow this template? Or will a new precedent be set. Stay tuned!!!

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8 thoughts on “Dead Locke’s Behavior Vs Dead Christians

  1. It could depend on the role the person is going to play, how much they knew before hand, if in general, they know whats actually going on, and if they want people to notice them/ see them.
    Asked myself the exact same question, as soon as I heard “theres a man in a suite standing in the water that nobody remembers seeing on the plane”.

  2. No no no you make a great point! John staring aimlessly out at the sea. Next he will seek shelter in “a wooden and spectral abode” after “disapearing conveniently while nobody is looking” all the while lookin for large quantities of exotic matter. It just may not seem relavent now but it may on a future episode, and then praise be to Shanimal44!

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