Reason why I don’t Think Jack is Ray and Ben is Thomas

There is some speculation on this site and beyond that Ben is actually Thomas (Aaron’s bio-dad), and that Jack is actually Ray (the latter, entirely the fault of that ever maddening theorist Doc Jensen)

I don’t think either are true.

Ben=Thomas. The main argument is that they look similar. This they do. But Thomas was cast in a time period LONG before anybody knew Michael Emerson would play Ben. Further, Michael Emerson was not cast to play the character Ben became, but just a captured other. Richard was supposed to be the leader. It was Emerson’s epic and compelling performance that forced a retooling of the script so that Ben became the leader, and Richard became Richard. Therefore in order for Thomas to really be Ben, they would have had to noticed the similarity in appearance sometime after season 2 and decide to completely restructure the story so that a younger Ben would leave the island to create Aaron. It just seems convenient, lazy, and forced, and Lost is (typically) none of these things.

Jack=Ray. This is outlandish. I must site as precedent the Orchid outtake film. Chang and co had THE FREAK OUT TO END ALL FREAK OUTS after they saw the two time traveling bunnies in the same vicinity “DON’T LET THEM NEAR EACH OTHER,” he screams, his lackey’s running on screen to remedy the problem. In the background an ominous female voice counts down. The camera stops. This video, though released off season, is canon. It is just as much a part of the show as ANYTHING learned in season. So why would they show us this incredibly valuable information, only to disregard and contradict it two seasons later? BUT JACK IS SPECIAL, the believers will shout. I just don’t buy it. We can’t just disregard this incredibly fundamental tenant of Time Travel (that one cannot see one’s past or future self) just because it would be really cool to have Jack converse with a version of himself.

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5 thoughts on “Reason why I don’t Think Jack is Ray and Ben is Thomas

  1. Well written, although some people will say that your argument about Ben’s casting time is weak.

    FOR Ben=Thomas: Thomas got Claire pregnant, which lead to Claire being on the island.
    Once the task of getting Claire pregnant was fulfilled, Thomas suddenly leaves, as if he has other important business to take care of.

    I wouldn’t immediately say Ben=/=Thomas, but it is possible that either will play out.

  2. My “Bearer of the Crown” theory gives you my view. (hint..its about Ben being Aarons Father). But on the side of Jack and Ray, I actually hadnt heard that one, and in no way think that its true.
    I also dont believe that Ray is Jacob. Although, the way he was sitting in that rocking chair is creepy, compared to seeing the chair in Jacobs cabin, I DO think that would be too easy.
    As for the casting thing being why Thomas is not Ben, the writers/producers have said that there has been dumb luck in choosing other cast members.
    They almost didnt have Evangeline Lilly, Mathew Fox was supposed to be Michael Keaton at one point. Im not saying that these are the same things, I just think that in a show like this, they are smart enough to take advantage of every chance to trick us that they get.
    But what the hell do I know. I for one thought Abbadon was possibly Walt, and was sure at the very least he was going to be a bigger player than what he was.
    I didnt get why he told John, the next time you see me you wont recognize me?
    He thought John maybe didnt recognize him, but he did, even though he didnt act like it at first. Even Abbadon didnt play the game after a while, “Dont prtend you dont remember me as an orderly in the hospital…” or something like that.
    Why would they have him say those words the way he did? Just dont get that one.

  3. I doubt very much that Ben is Thomas and even more that Jack is Ray.

    Claire had Ben’s baby then later didn’t recognize him?

    Jack somehow is his father’s father? Gross. That only works on Futurama.

  4. Shanimal! It is uncanny! strange! Surreal!

    I wrote almost the exact same thing as you did about the Ben-Thomas thing about a month ago.

    Great minds think alike, eh?

    That is not to say that great minds do not think differently as well A.E.S. and Cappayne…

    Interesting exchange y’all!

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