Where is Caesar? **EPISODE 507**

What is the building that Caesar is in at the beginning of the episode when he finds the gun, and also where are the “injured” people are resting? A DHARMA station I figure, based on the folders. Are they possibly on the smaller island?

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21 thoughts on “Where is Caesar? **EPISODE 507**

  1. It sure would seem they are on the smaller island, given the various shots we had of Locke staring out at ANOTHER island. That wasn’t that way the first time around.

  2. I agree. Probably on the smaller island. If I remember correctly, Locke was told that the Pilot and another woman (Sun?)took one of the boats. Presumably to get to “the” island.

  3. I agree that they are on the smaller island and we don’t recognize the building they are in because we probably haven’t seen it before. I’m sure we didn’t see everything on that little island.

  4. That is why Sun and frank took off in the boats to get to the main island….sun is probably after Jin. I have a feeling they are not in the same time as Jin though and that is why Kate , Hurley and Jack disappeared off the plane instead of crashing with the others. where is Sayid though?

  5. I thought I saw the logo for the Hydra Station on the papers that Ceasar was reading… I had the feeling that they were at the Hydra. Apparently they are not in the same time as Jack, Kate and Hurley though because if they were they’d be surrounded by Dharma people… My guess is that they’re in the future though. the plane seems to have landed in basically one piece with plenty of survivors. Like maybe they had something of a runway to use for an emergency landing.

    Who knows where/when Sayid is? I doubt he’s even very sure of that… I wonder why that lady that was accompanying him on the plane isn’t freaking out about him disappearing…

  6. I think it’s the Hydra and it only can be in the future / present time because whe haven’t seen a second plane or the people before :>
    and the losties are way back in the past because Jin is driving a new and clean Dharma-Van.
    the question is if Frank and Sun took the boat why didn’t she vanish from the Plane to another time like the others ?

  7. Definitely the Hydra – logo on folder, and remember in S3 the others were working on a runway on the small island – how did Ben know it would be needed??

  8. Have we seen the Hydra Station before?

    And about the plane crashing in one piece, we know that a runway was being built, and in the future, it would probably be built.

  9. I think that they are in the present time of the island but not 3 years later from the o6 leaving. Perhaps they have arrived just days since locke moved the island…

  10. The hydra station was where they held jack captive and convinced him to do Bens surgery.

    I think that maybe Lapidus used the run way as a way to land the plane a bit more safely. When they showed the plane it did sort of look like it was near-ish to the runway.

  11. It’s odd that no one came running to investigate the plane that fell out of the sky. The little island was in habited by dharma, then the others, then some of the losties, so i guess this could mean that they landed in the present (2007), or pre dharma, as it seems there is no one on the small island to notice the plane crash.

  12. Good catch about them being in another time frame from Jin, Jack, Kate and Hurley.

    But beware of the assumption that the lady who left with Frank was Sun. It may be another new character or someone we have seen (Jill the butcher?) who was traveling at the rear of the plane and is now acting as native guide to Frank to go get help from Richard at Ben’s behest.

  13. Andre, I agree, because Ilana would have referred to her as an Asian woman, not just a woman, seeing as she referred to Locke as “an old man wearing a suit”. (Not to be racist or anything)

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