Looking for an explanation on separate times?

People are talking about the groups from 316 flashing into separate times. Can all the people who support this as a theory explain why this is plausible and consistent with anything else we have seen in the temporal shifts?

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6 thoughts on “Looking for an explanation on separate times?

  1. Yeah thanks Kimberly, ive been wondering the same thing and thought i’d missed something. It may have only been abandoned for a year, the jungle reclaims land extremely fast compared to any other type of climate.

  2. kimberly, I am not understanding the logic behind the statements, I’ve heard either.

    Jack, Kate and Hurley are in one location and meet up with Jin. Given the Dharma van, we can reasonably conclude they are in the 70’s.

    According to Cesar, he sees the above vanish from the airplane, and is why they end up in a different LOCATION on ‘the island’.

    Locke, Ben, Cesar and the other #316er’s land on Hydra Island. Frank Lapidus and Sun, presumably flee in one of the canoes, and their whereabouts are currently unknown.

    We know from when Jack, Kate and Sawyer were being held on Hydra Island, this is a place not often used. I suspect the same was true for Dharma.

    Cesar inspects the Station, and finds a variety of things, relevant to Dharma’s time on ‘the island’. It is NOT an abandoned Station.

    I can’t view this, as being in a different time line.

    We have seen nothing so far, that would indicate, any of the 316er’s are in different time zones.

    That is not to say, this may occur at some point. But, I really think we are talking about, at least at this present time, different locations!

  3. Can’t argue with that im with you 100%.

    I noticed somethng whenc caesar was looking through the paperwork just before he pocketed the shotgun (hmmm) that he found what looked to be a diagram with some circles on it and lines connectiong those circles. It very much looked like the diagram of the special places of EM that are located around the world. Someone recently posted this picture on top of a map of the world, and it was a very good theory regarding it. I dont know how to get screen shots from the episode to compare these just wondering if anyone else had noticed it? and whether or not we might have finally got some solid evidence to explain, even only a bit, of the Island and what not. Thats it i’m going to have to find that theory now

  4. The theory is called Bermuda Triangle by ana-lostfan its currently on page 2 in the theories section, unfortunately it won’t let me post a copy of the picture into the comments section

  5. Perhaps Ben and Locke were unable or not allowed to ‘flash’ with the Oceanic six because of the way they left the island, because of the Donkey wheel…

    Just speculating, but perhaps Jack and the rest are tied to Jin-Daniel and the ones left behind with some kind of quantum rubber band, so that they were whip-lashed back to the appropriate time and place to re-join their group.

    What does not quite fit (for me) is Frank Lapidus. Unless the pilot referred to by Ilana was the co-pilot of flight 316 who remained aboard when Frank flashed off the island.

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