Time within the mind . Work in Progress Theory

Consider this a work in process.

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5 thoughts on “Time within the mind . Work in Progress Theory

  1. zanner, this is outstanding work and thoughts. You put a lot of hard effort into your theory. You should have posted it as a theory!

    I can honestly say, that it would explain many aspects of the story, as the scenario you present, is certainly very plausible.

    Having said that, if Lost were to end that way, I would personally stand on a roof top and hurl blasphemous statements at the writers. lol

    I think a much more satisfactory conclusion, would to leave its viewers to amaze over the story, long after its finish.

    Just my opinion.

    I look forward to reading more of your theories!

  2. If what your saying is true it sounds like you are quickly turning into a Lost freak. My advice watch seasons 1-4 in a row. BREATHTAKING(pun). You point out some things that are Ancient like Hurley’s Drawing this week.So much to learn.

    It helps to watch the eps in order AND ALL OF THEM. Or at least all of them. It’s called EVIDENCE! and or Knowledge!

  3. You, mr./ms. zanner, have a brilliant creative mind!

    I love your thoughts, although I think they are a bit too complex for a tv show :]

    But you make very good points and you put together a wonderful theory. I’m just a simple viewer and I usually just like simple things, but that’s a brain challenging theory which regards the psycological aspects of the show and since it’s something I can actually understand (without physics and worm-holes) I enjoyed reading it. Look forward to the ‘complete version’ of it.

  4. Thanks for the Donne quote. I always love re-reading it in different contexts. This is a perfect instance.

    No MAN is an island, but is an island a man (Jacob?)…

    Each death diminishes me (oh, how diminished these characters are. See how sad and pathetic Hurley is when confessing to his mother).

    And all the characters are brought to the door by this SICKNESS… called to the church (or temple)…

    I love that imagery!

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