Walt is Abaddon?

What are the possibilities that Walt is this guy? And why could Locke walk? If he was crippled in 2004 and he’s now back in what 2006, 2005? he wouldn’t be able to walk.

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5 thoughts on “Walt is Abaddon?

  1. If Abadon is standing next to young Walt in New York city when he meets with Locke wouldn’t that
    a) cause a Casimir effect?
    b) freak out older (Abadon) Walt?

    I think the episode may have been written that way to disprove some of the theories going around…

  2. I for one thought that Walt and Ab were the same, but that episode proved me wrong.

    As for Locke walking, the island stuff happened, and he got healed. The point is that he is still in a wheelchair, think the proxy.

  3. A casimir effect has nothing to do with anything involving sci fi elements, time travels etc.. Its a quantum physics term measuring metals ain a certain condition inside a vaccum..nevermind.
    It would cause a rift/paradox in spacetime , I think is what you are getting at. But only if they touche, or had phsical contact.
    I thought he was Abbadon, but this episode took it away.
    But still, why would Abbadon tell Locke he wouldnt recognize him. He did recognize him the next time he saw him, unless he is Walt.

  4. What I’m unsure about is when Walt visits Hurley he tells him Bentham went to see him… but in their conversation in this episode Locke didn’t tell Walt he was calling himself Bentham.

    So how did he know?

    I still don’t think Abaddon is/was Walt, but I do think we’ll see more of Walt… I hope so anyway 🙂

  5. Biblically, Abaddon/Apollyon is one of the bad angels, who at various times has different roles, but is known as the Destroyer and the Angel of Death, and the keeper of the Bottomless Pit in Revelations. Abaddon may be related to Apep/Apophis an Egyptian serpent demon who lurks in the darkness waiting to devour the sun Ra every night. Apophis is said to be everywhere lurking in the shadows and would trap his enemies in his stare… traits that Matthew Abaddon certainly shares.

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