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I was writing this in response to oldsmokeys post about the pilot but it got too long.

I have just watched the 1st episode again and a couple of things stuck out to me

1. When Jack first sees christian on the island (deadish) Christian walks into the trees, Jack runs after him and Locke appears with the wild boar, this is just after Kate had told him Locke did not make it back from the hunt – looking now and seeing the similarities between locke and christian it is interesting that Jack sees dead christian, Kates tell jack locke is dead, he sees dead christian again and runs after him and finds the not dead locke in his place – is it me or is there someting there?

2) Watching Jack running around the plane crash reminded me of groundhog day – he seems to know where to go and what to do, other people on this forum have mentioned him going through a time loop and doing the same thing over and over again, and after watching the 1st episode again i agree, could it be that he has done it many times and this time (the lost show) he finally does what he is supposed to do and he gets out of the loop – it may explain why the writers have told him the ending but nobody else.

I do not know what

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  1. prosperoburns, I think you bring up a valid point. This subject was argued early on, before many people were on board, with time travelling being a part of the show.

    Some people thought it was natural for Jack to be disoriented, after the crash, which I agree with.

    Other people saw this, as pointing to a possible time looping effect.

    I must say, after 316 aired, it did give you that feel of a time-loop effect. It was a brilliant scene, that’s for certain.

    I’m sure the writers put this scene in for a reason!

  2. I’m going back and watching the first season, not having watched last half of 3, 4 and 5. However I have a good idea about the main story.

    I’m coming up with my theories, but in reference to this post my thoughts on point number two

    If you watch the first episode he does seem to know what to do, how the plane crashed, etc. There are several times where the question comes from another lostie “How do you know all of this”. What is also wierd is when he’s explaining the plane crash and he’s asked that question by Kate. He’s almost taken back like he played his hand and sort of dodges it by “making up” the fact that he used to take flying lessons. He always has a reason why he KNOWS something and in some instances he gets annoyed and walks away.

    I do think there is something to replaying these instances over and over even in Christian’s instance as well. Something that really got me was when Christian was telling little Jack “You don’t wanna be a hero. You don’t wanna try and save everyone. Because when you fail… you just don’t have what it takes. “

  3. Why does Jack not know anyone’s name if he has done the first scene time after time? Does he pretend not to know? And how often does he do the first scene? And at what points in time?

    To me he looked surprised when he saw Claire, and he didn’t tell Hurley to get away from the wing, which he would have known was going to fall soon.

    When he gets to the beach, he doesn’t seem to know what is going on, then he hears screams and sees the plane. He would know immediately how to get there, if he had done it before.

    If I had done it before, I would tell the other people, whether immediately or later. We see Tom Hanks (I think) in Groundhog Day telling the girl and friends what is happening, and eventually gets them to believe him, which solves the problem. So if Jack s experiencing the same thing time after time, he should tell people.

    The theory that Jack has done the first scene before just does not make sense to me. Until I get more than “it looks like he does this” or “he seems to know that” i refuse to believe it.

  4. Cap

    I know what your saying about needing more and I am not saying this is the answer, in all honesty the title of the theory was important – Jacks solution – we know he is very important, we know that very central figures revolve around him (and Locke) why?? – what does he have to do to finish the show.

    The time loop theory fits very well with his personality and actions on the island – he is the reluctant hero – always taking a lead role when it is needed but not wanting too, one thing that always bugged me about him was his willingness to listen to people at certain times and at other times to completely shut down any other opinion, its as if he knows that certain actions just will not work.

    He wants Kate but will not make that jump to secure her, leaving Sawyer every chance to do what he will not.

    He makes friends but never gets that close to anybody – that is a person that is involved but not attached.

    There are other aspects of the character – an alcholic surgeon, christ like figure, weak strong man, reluctant hero.

    I do not know if it is a time loop and but it sings out to me.

  5. Hi

    I just realised the huge mistake I made, I watched the first four episodes in one go, not just the 1st, which is why I included the locke/boar statement – OOOPS!!

    As an apology I will offer the third best quote I have heard on forgiveness:

    Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast. ~Marlene Dietrich

  6. Just because he’s in a timeloop does not necessarily mean he will remember the loop ever time. as i posted in another theory, the best example is an episode of star trek that i watched where they were in a time loop and did not have full knowledge of the fact outside of the sense of deja vu.

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