Why was Ben beat up?

I don’t know if anyone posted a similar theory, but here goes…

In last week’s episode, Ben tells Jack that he has to keep a promise to an old friend. The next time we see Ben, he’s obviously been roughed up and is almost scared for his life. I believe he tried to keep his promise to Widmore that he was going to kill Penny. Notice that he was soaking wet and making a call from the Marina. Desmond and Penny were obviously in Los Angeles, so why not fulfill his threat? The only problem is that we’re not sure if he succeeded or not. The wounds to his face looked like scratch marks, and the arm in a sling? Seems like he paid a price for attempting/succeeding in killing Penny. Desmond did leave the church/station before Ben. Maybe Desmond caught Ben in the act and whooped him good, but Ben escaped overboard before Desmond could do worse to him. If Penny were killed or hurt, that would be all the motivation Desmond needs to follow Ben to the island and kill him. Remember, Faraday’s mother said “The island isn’t done with you Desmond.” Looks like that will come true. This will bring me to another theory…How does Desmond get back to the island? Coming soon!

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I have been a fan of J.J. Abrams work since ALIAS (not the last 2 seasons of it though). So it was no surprise that I got hooked on LOST the moment it hit television. Favorite characters: Hurley, Desmond, and Sawyer.

7 thoughts on “Why was Ben beat up?

  1. eggotised1, I think you are correct about Ben getting a proverbial ‘whooping’ from Desmond!

    I’m hoping he didn’t succeed, but I don’t know if Penny would want to go back to ‘the island’, willingly with Desmond.

    Unless, she survived Ben’s attack, and was so angry, knowing that her own father brought on Ben’s wrath, that she decides to go willingly.

    Just a guess, but it looks like they might sail back!

    Good thoughts!

  2. Eggo, I think you’ve just written the entire flashback on how Ben got all bloody. While I fear the worst for Penny, it would give serious motivation to Desmond to bring her body back to the island in hope that it could be resurrected.

  3. I wrote a theory about this right after that episode. there are a lot of comments on it, check it out.

    My input:

    -Penny is alive.
    -I definately think Ben went for Penny, but I think it was Sayid who hurt him seeing as Sayid says “The next time I see you (Ben) it won’t be pleasant.” After he says this line, where does he go? He has no where to go, so it could be fair to say he was around the marina at the time.

    Side note question: We know that some people “can’t” die; we see guns jam, bullets being non-fatal, etc. But what happens if someone gets repeatedly punched in the face, or if someone takes a knife and starts cutting them up. Do they just re-assemble? I don’t get it.

  4. We are led to believe that as soon as Desmond “remembered” his encounter with Faraday he immediately set sail to the UK to find Daniel’s mother. He appears to waste no time and even goes as far as confronting Charles Widmore who provides him with her contact information in LA. Given his desire to complete his task and move on with his life I find it very hard to believe that Desmond’s next step is to set sail from the UK towards Los Angeles. A flight from London to the UK would take what? 10 hours? I have absolutely no idea how long it would take to sail from the UK to Los Angeles in a boat like Desmond’s but I would (will?) be surprised if it takes less than a week.

    This is the one and only reason why I do not think that Ben went after Penny at the marina. In past seasons this would seem like a standard setup to make us believe one thing when another is true, though I have to say that this season seems to be doing less and less of that.

  5. I think we have to assume that Ben went for Penny. In the enhanced episode, when Ben talks about the promise to an old friend, it mentions his promise to kill Widmore’s daughter.

    When we see Ben at the phone, he actually seems shooken up. After the way he looked after killing Locke, I don’t think Penny’s blood would shake him much and there’s always something the show throws in we never expected, so here’s my take.

    Ben goes to kill Penny and is in the middle of the job when Charlie (Penny’s son) walks in. Ben’s unaware of his existence and kills Charlie thinking originally he’s Desmond. He then freezes a la Michael after Libby, allowing Desmond to walk in and catch Ben in the act. Desmond beats him to a pulp in time to save Penny, but not in time to save Charlie. This event drives Penny back to the island.

  6. Ben was beat up ‘cuz he gets people confidence by playing their emotion.

    My take: Widmore left the island w/Penny before the purge by turning the wheel and thinks he can’t come back (like Ben did), and Ben went back with the right time/coordinates to get back to the time before Widmore left so he can off Penny.

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