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3 thoughts on “The Lost Island Is revealed!!

  1. By the four fingered statue, do you mean the 4-toed one in LOST, or is there a 4-fingered statue in Atlantis? Becuase that would be HUGE!

    As for your proposed idea, this is in the Fun Section, but it is more of a theory, so I want to know what actual factual evidence you have to base this theory on.

  2. oytunt, there have been quite a few theories about ‘the island’ possibly being Atlantis.

    It may be another ancient civilization who made the discovery, but it hardly matters to the point you are illustrating.

    One thought I have, is ‘the island’ be it Atlantis or something else, could have at one time, been part of a larger land mass, linked to ancient civilization.

    And, that land mass broke away, from the mainland, and became an island.

    In terms of writing, I would have to believe the writers of Lost, would like us to at least consider all of the options.

    Personally, I dislike the term ‘alien’ as I think it creates the wrong or negative connotation to the word. (not your usage of it, lol)

    One, could consider God, to be an alien for instance. And, that mankind are the descendants.

    One of the many mysteries to ponder.

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