What is Jacob?

There have been many speculations on Jacob since we heard his name and saw his cabin. Let’s assume that Jacob really exists. When we first saw his cabin, Ben was referring something, just one thing, as Jacob. The theories about Jacob include that Jack, John, Ben, Sawyer, Eloise, Richard, Walt is/will become Jacob. (I used to believe that Jack is Jacob.) Some say that Jacob is the island, an electromagnetic life form or the God. We only know that about Jacob’s identity is that he is a mysterious character?

Or is he a character, I mean just one character? We cannot be sure about that. Actually Jacob can be a group of persons/spirits rather than a single person. Jacob can be a senate or committee for the island. This senate, called the Jacob, consists of several spirits who died on the island and maybe some other alive people who are important for the Island. These spirits can be those of dead Others, Dharma members, Black Rock crew, Losties, Henry Gale, Naomi, Yemi and the smugglers, US soldiers, French science team, etc. Maybe all, may some of them are allowed to be members of the Jacob. There can also be alive members of the Jacob, but I cannot speculate more.

The Jacob sometimes selects a representative/spokesperson/leader among its members. The election of this representative can be one of various ways, or it may not be an election at all. The representative/leader has some authorities but he or she is not above the Jacob (the senate) itself. This representative carries out the decisions of the Jacob, but it is the Jacob that takes important decisions related to the island. The representative cannot, of course, be called Jacob since he/she is not; but he/she can speak on behalf of it.

The current representative/leader/spokesperson of the Jacob committee is Christian. Due to some reason, he became representative or was selected to this position after his body crushed to the island. In his life, for a time he was the head of surgery after all, he led some doctors. In the past, there were other representatives of the Jacob. Maybe one of these representatives was the captain of the Black Rock, who also led some people in his life. I mean, Jacob may be selecting its representatives among the ones who was some sort of leader in their lifetime.

If this is the case, why everybody talks about Jacob as he is one person? People refer Jacob as ‘him’. Ben was calling the being in the cabin as Jacob. Christian said that he could talk on ‘his’ behalf. The reason can be that the Jacob does not want to be fully deciphered. It wants the living humans think that the representative is the Jacob and the representative behaves accordingly. Therefore people who can be in contact with the representative of the Jacob believe that the representative is Jacob. Maybe there are exceptions, like Richard. Maybe Richard is a member of the Jacob and is responsible for deciding who will be the leader of the living community of the island and inspecting the actions of the living leader closely. There may be several reasons why Richard is not the leader of the living himself.

I know there are several blank parts in this theory and some part of it is pure speculation. However, this can be indeed the case and this theory can explain several mysteries about the identity of Jacob and strange things on the island since the Jacob committee can contain members who are bad and good people.

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8 thoughts on “What is Jacob?

  1. You make some good points, inspector! People have speculated if Jacob is part of ‘the island’ itself, or an independent spiritual entity, and/or representative of God himself.

    What you theorize should be taken into consideration. I like the idea, of Jacob representing a larger group consciousness.

    Having said that, isn’t that what formal religion teaches us, that we are all part of the greater conscience known as God?

    I would have to say it is. This is another way of expressing it, and I like you put a different perspective on it.

    Nice work!

  2. My agreement to your theory would be Christian telling Locke that “[Locke] came to see [him] in his cabin” which we know is Jacob’s, but we know that it was Christian talking when he told Locke to say hi to Jack (strong assumption).

    But if it was The Jacob, and not just One Jacob, then why would everyone say “He is a great man” “He does not forgive easily” and all that stuff?

  3. It’s an interesting idea but I think Jacob is just one person.

    We saw a glimpse of him in the rocking chair when Ben and Locke went to see him, and Ben refered to him as Jacob.

  4. ‘Actually Jacob can be a group of persons/spirits rather than a single person. Jacob can be a senate or committee for the island.’

    I LOVE this idea. I really do. I think it is very imaginative and I only wish it would turn out to be true. I don’t think it is but that is just a gut feeling that ‘Jacob’ will be more easily explained.

    Fantastic – I am so glad I found this site because the quality of work on here is brilliant.

  5. If he was a group of spirits/ then why would Jacob appear in the rocking chair as an old bearded man in worn down clothing? (slow it down and you’ll see a definite beard and clothing). I still say he’s an individual being that has similar psychic powers like Walt (appearing and disappearing, and can tell the future). This debate will go on until the series finishes.

  6. Biblically, Jacob and his father didn’t have a good relationship… something Ben, Locke and the Jack/Claire/Christian group have in common. (As do most of the other characters). Jacob’s mother Rebekah had trouble giving birth to her twin sons, Jacob and Esau. What if Jacob on the island has a twin brother?

    In the Biblical Jacob story, Jacob has a vision of a ladder ascending into heaven with angels moving up and down the stairs. In various accounts, this is seen to be a symbol of reincarnation (which the Dharmachakra specifically points to).

    Biblical Jacob also wrestles a mysterious being who touches his thigh and makes him have a limp, but the creature refuses to tell him it’s name. In return for his wound, Jacob is renamed Israel.

  7. According to the religious references,I believe jacob could be a kind of jesus christ for the island. I know it sounds so strange but I have good evidence which supports my idea.

  8. Well the religious references point to Jacob being Aaron’s great great grandfather. And since we already know his father, his mother, his grandfather, both of his grandmothers, and his uncle, it doesn’t seem too strange that we would meet more of his family. Why the ghosts/visions don’t want him to come back… I’m not sure. But it does seem that Ben was trying to get Aaron and bring him back for some reason… maybe more than just conjuring up a crash, and Ben’s reasons usually are not healthy for the people involved.

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