Good and Evil

At any point in time any of the main characters could have been good or evil?

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6 thoughts on “Good and Evil

  1. I really like your take on this, Ben is portrayed to be extremely evil in the latest episode and i always find that if something is too “pronounced” in this show there is often a different take to it. We have seen whitmore and ben both as evil and good and im sure there will be alot more of that until we finally find out that they are just 2 separate heads of the same dragon. I think they are both just driven by their own intentions.

  2. I bet he believes in Kate. He cant stop thinking about her. Like a constant, I think it is almost alright, if they at least believe in something. Its at least a step in the right direction.

  3. Hi ali! You are right about each individual having good and evil within them. That is always the challenge and struggle in life, isn’t it?

    One thing about Ben being opposed to Locke committing suicide, is if Locke did this, he would not be resurrected, in the biblical sense.

    Ben has goodness and evil within him. We’ve seen both sides of him. How much of each, has yet to be determined, and/or whether his own personal demons get in the way, of any inherent goodness he may have.

    It just may be, that the evil side of Ben, is always being tempted by those demons.

  4. Dab: Thanks I had another form of this theory but had trouble posting. I will copy and paste here. One more thing I noticed that might change things? Did Ben come prepared with gloves and cleaning supplies or did he find it there? Strange??

    There are many references to “good and evil”. Who is to say what that really is in this show? There are many examples in history of great “good” men and women that have had to do bad things for the benefit of the many?
    The spiritual aspects are throughout this epic drama. The path of Locke may have been very he took his own life? Even though Ben said he would miss John, that could mean that he will miss the John he has come to know, not the John he will become? He could very well become Jacob (not seen) or Jacob like? I to be a spiritual man. He references Thomas and sooner or later everyone believes. I remember him saying something like that when he was by the painting. I do not use the word religious as my personal belief is that going to church does not make you any more religious than standing in a garage makes you a car?
    Locke has been reborn. He is very at peace either from dying and being resurrected or he now has a clearer understanding of it all? Ben’s mission is clear to Ben. We see many people speak ill of Ben yet he continues (always has a plan). If he were not of significance, people could be persuaded to abandon or eliminate him.

  5. Excellent thoughts Ali.

    I think Ben is the biggest enigma of the show. I mean the guy radiates evil and bad intentions yet I can’t help but believe he really is one of ‘the good guys’.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said he killed John to absolve him of having to kill himself.

    Was also thinking further about why he would have said he will miss Locke. I think its because he imagined that he humself would either die in the 316 crash or that he would be sent down a different timeline from JL…

    Good stuff.

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