Desmond’s Baby…

I know this should probably go in the fun section, however I have been thinking, is it possible that baby Charlie is OUR Charlie? It would fit into time loop theory wouldn’t it?!!!

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16 thoughts on “Desmond’s Baby…

  1. We dont know who Charles Widmores parents are, should something happen to Des and he and Penny arent married, wouldnt the babys name be… sorry, I had to :]

  2. I always imagined it like this…

    Penny: “I want to name the baby Charles after my father”
    Des: “What? That guy’s been nothing but a pain in my ass, and you want me to name my child after him?”
    Penny: “It would mean a lot to me”
    Des: “Ok, we can name him Charles is we call him Charlie, after my friend…”

  3. becca, funny reinactment. I do not think that Peny would want to name her son after her father. They don’t really seem to have the best relationship. I think Desmond felt aweful about everyone he put Charlie through, and then watching his death, it must have been the hardest thing for him: hearing Penny for th first time in years, and then seeing his good friend die protecting him.

    I think he wanted to name his son Charlie as a tribue to his friend.

  4. Pretty sure he was making fun of my 98% sacrcastic comment. Yes I say 98% and not 100%. 1% due to the name similarity, and the other 1% just because modern literature and television has ruined my mind of suprises and reveals. My mind has become so desensitized of huge plot twists that although they still suprise me sometimes, cant help but give a chance to every possible scenario or twist that could come at us.
    Either way, I am not going to speak for Thomas, but I believe he was either laughing with me…or at me :]
    either way its well deserved

  5. Thomas5’s theory does make sense, but not in the way that baby Charlie (I’ll call him baby charlie so no one gets confused with the charlies) is Charlie Hume when older.

    Please bear with me, as it might be a bit confusing;

    Desmond and Penny somehow make it back to the island, maybe because of the whole “destiny and course correction” plot of the show. However, when Desmond and Penny make it back to the island, it’s still traveling through time, however, like Jin and Locke originally, they’re in a different era, so they never see the remaining survivors. Shortly after they got to the island, maybe looking to help everyone (as that would explain why they would come back,) they don’t find anyone on the island. Penny becomes mad at Desmond, when it was his “silly dreams” he was having that brought them back in the first place. She takes baby Charlie with her and lives by herself on the other side of the island. baby Charlie grows up hearing about his father and decides he wants nothing to do with Desmond, so when he becomes 18, he changes his last name to Widmore, which is Penny’s maiden name and Chalie’s grandfathers name. Now, because Desmond and Penny got trapped in a different era– I would say 1940’s– there is nothing on the island that could help in them getting off (presumably, the boat or plane crashed when they got there), therefore they live the rest of their lives on the island before finally coming back together and apologizing before they both die (possibly a disease or old age) in a cave, one holding a white rock, the other, a black rock. Adam & Eve found in the cave are Desmond and Penny. So, I’ll assume baby Charlie, who is now young Charles Widmore living in the 1960’s, makes it off the island and joins the british air force where he gets stationed back to the island through earth’s “course correction” and that is when he meets John Locke. Charles eventually becomes the leader and is tricked by Ben to move the island and exiling(?) himself. Charles eventually has a daughter named Penny…

    Putting my theory simply, Charles Widmore is his own grandfather/grandson. Therefore making Penny both his daughter and mother.
    And whether or not his motives or for the greater good or greater evil, I’m still undecided. I realize my theory lacks detail, as I’m not a mega-huge LOST fan, so please point out and criticize any errors and my overall idea.

  6. Hi Thomas5, In the podcast after the episode of Desmond and Penny’s baby airs, they discussed the naming of their baby.

    They discounted that the baby was named after Widmore, because of the obvious conflicts, and said Desmond & Penny likely named him after Charlie Pace. As, it was Charlie who reunited them back together.

    However, they dropped enough hints, to indicate they may be more to the naming of Charlie. Take that for what it’s worth.

  7. Zassa – that’s an interesting theory and the way you explain it makes sense, but if baby Charlie is one of the Charlie’s we already know, I agree with Thomas and lean towards it being our Rock God Charlie.

    Now, Jill the butcher works at a shop called Simons Butchers Shop (or something). Charlie Pace’s father was called Simon and was a butcher.

    What if somehow baby Charlie ends up in the care of Simon and they go live in England?

    Now, the only way baby Charlie could be Rock God Charlie is if they go back in time which is were the theory starts to lose credibility… unless they take a detour via the island…


  8. That’s a good point you make, Emzi, well I thoughty idea was worth
    Posting, and knowing the whole lost world, quite a lot is possible.

  9. Emzi you are the first person to put a good reason for why baby Charlie could in fact be Chaaaaaaaaaarlie.

    I still don’t think we have seen the last of Charlie. I would bet my last pound (if times were that desperate) that Chaaaaaarlie is going to turn out to be the person who programmed the code at the Looking Glass stn.

  10. We definitely haven’t seen the last of Charlie but I don’t think he programmed the code… I think Liam did it. There is a scene is some video out there where a guy in a hood gets grabbed and thrown in a car or something like that.. I don’t remember what it’s from. I’ve always thought that was Liam Pace so I think he’s involved in something…

    As for the timeline… The Pace family wouldn’t have to go back in time if little Charlie goes back in time due to travelling to the island with his parents… he could end up in the past as a small child with the Pace family… maybe Simon moves to the US later and opens a butcher shop…

  11. I actually think it could be Charles Widmore. When Ben went to see Charles, he told him “I know I can’t kill you, so I will kill your daughter” or something along the lines. Maybe he knows that by killing Penny he kills Charles.

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