Rousseau’s story just doesn’t add up

There’s something fishy about Rousseau. Even though she’s dead, I have a feeling her story will tie a few of the show’s loose ends together with some surprising twists.

I just watched the season 1 finale when Rousseau tells the 815 survivors of the black smoke and the impending onslaught of the others. While watching, I noticed an inconsistency with her explanation and what we saw in This Place is Death.

In Exodus I, Rousseau explains her past this way, ‘I delivered the infant myself. The baby and I were together for only one week when I saw black smoke’That night they came. They came and took her.’

In This Place is Death, we see the black smoke when Rousseau snaps and kills her team’she’s still pregnant, and by her same account, seven months pregnant. Something doesn’t add up.

Also in the season 1 finale, Jack and Locke take Rousseau to the hatch. When she sees it, she claims she’s never seen anything like it and asks what it is. Are we supposed to believe this woman has been on the island 16 years and hasn’t seen anything like the hatch? We already know she has seen the temple. To me she sounds a lot like Ben. Always telling these half truths, like when Ben tells Jack Bentham didn’t come to see him only to later say that he went to see Bentham.

Another Rousseau mystery is how Rousseau manages to catch Ben/Henry Gale in one of her traps. Seriously, Ben would not get caught in a net. I believe Rousseau had her daughter taken when she was an infant. Ben confirms this with Keamy and Rousseau has never seen her.

I believe Ben cut a deal with Rousseau in season two. If she helps him get ‘caught,’ she’ll get her daughter back. Ben delivers Alex to Rousseau in season four as payback for helping him infiltrate the 815 camp.

Hope we find out soon!

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Damon Cuse

I got hooked on LOST when I visited my aunt and uncle in Honolulu for New Year's in between seasons one and two. They were big LOST fans because of the filming locale. A week later I had watched the entire first season and was starving for more.

7 thoughts on “Rousseau’s story just doesn’t add up

  1. She lied when talking about the Black Smoke. She made it sound like it was the Others’ black smoke, but we find out that she made the black smoke (in I think season 3) that scares the losties.

  2. I remember that. I have never thought of it meaning the others never lit the black smoke originally, I always assumed that much was true and that she reenacts it in the season one finale to get her hands on Aaron.

    We know the place the smoke is lit is clear on the other side of the island. It will be interesting to see who lit the first signal, Rousseau and her team or the “others.”

  3. Yeh, they did say Ben’s capture would be explained, and that it was largely coincidental.

    I think Rousseau’s story adds up about as much as its going to, which is not bad all things considering.

    In her original story she said she came to the island about seven months pregnant. 2 months on the island they set off to find the distress signal. It was there “in the Black Territory where Montand lost his arm,” that the sickness manifested.

    So things are relatively consistent. Judging by the decomposition on the arm Jin sees, the flash seems to take him roughly two months later, when she kills her team. It remains to be seen if we will see the taking of Alex, or if this ties up Rousseau’s story.

  4. Thanks for letting me know the producers had said Ben’s capture was largely coincidental. That really puts a bender on my theory, guess that’s what makes it a theory.


  5. also, didn’t the writers say that Michael Emerson had originally signed onto “Lost” to only play that one part of “Henry Gale” but then they liked him so much they kept him and cast him as Ben?

  6. i don’t think rousseau lights the black smoke. she says that before alex was taken, she saw the black smoke. she took aaron b/c she saw the black smoke and thought that she could trade them aaron for alex. but they didn’t want aaron, they wanted walt.

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