Document screen shots from last week with Ceaser

I captured the images of the document that Ceaser was looking at in the Dharma station. Worth a look as it describes some kind of map of space/time with relation to the Island.

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11 thoughts on “Document screen shots from last week with Ceaser

  1. username, the screen shots are available on Lostpedia.

    Type in Daniel’s journal and you will see it, and what Cesar finds. You will also see that the Blast Door Map, is exactly the same drawing as in Daniel’s journal.

    On another interesting note, the Hieroglyphs Cesar looks at, have been translated. The word in Egyptian is,
    kdi rk. In English it means ‘FLOW TIME’.

    Hope that is helpful.

  2. hi dabiatchishere,
    thanks for the references. i was just looking at the blast door maps for comparison and decided to shrug it off as coincidence. the blast door map, although has similarities seems to be a map of the stations. whats your thoughts?

  3. Hi username, please call me dabs.

    They appear to be identical! Although, the blast door map, is coloured.

    Take a look, as I think you will agree. What I take from this, is Daniel may have had some influence in Radzinksky’s efforts in creating the Blast Door Map.

  4. that is very interesting, perhaps this is a theory in the making 🙂 i agree that this is odd, similar to the numbers on the radio tower being Hurley’s voice. There maybe so many examples of this type of thing to come.

  5. If Faraday was Radzinsky, then why would he have no idea what Desmond is referring to when he asks “Are you him?” … “My replacement” … and he might even have said the snowman riddle to which Faraday is still confused.

    I think Faraday is just a guy who time travels with a great influence on the island.

  6. i agree cappayne, however, its way to coincidental that if the hatch drawing is the same as in Faraday’s book, that he would somehow have to be involved either directly or indirectly with the hatch drawing

  7. Hi cappayne, I think you might be confusing Radzinsky with Kelvin Inman.

    Radzinsky committed suicide before Desmond landed on ‘the island’. Inman, tells Desmond about the suicide and that Radzinsky drew the map from memory.

    Desmond was expecting somebody to replace him, after Inman’s death. It was Inman who told Desmond that he was waiting for a replacement that hadn’t showed up yet.

    Hope that clarifies.

  8. the only readably words are space time and real time, the rest is just chicken scratch and i dont think they really intended for us to look that much into it. i think its just a prop but to show the planning of the island moving changes.

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