Why did Ben kill Locke?

Watched last nights episode and Bens seeming change of heart and actions with Locke really stand out, it looks to me like does not know as much as he tries to imply.

It looks pretty much like Jack, Kate, Hurley and Jin are in the past at the time of Dharma, if so they will meet a young Ben and probably ineract. This may be why Ben always has a plan because he knows of some losties

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3 thoughts on “Why did Ben kill Locke?

  1. Hi Eko

    I thought i stated my answer – One moment Ben needed Locke, after two pieces of information he no longer needed an alive Locke, upshot do not beleive or trust or listen to anything Ben says or does.

    Why do you think he killed him?

  2. It looked like ben got pissed off when he said something about eloise hawking….i seem too remember another time he got mad at that name being mentioned

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