Jacob, Christian Shepherd, & John Locke

Christian Shepherd = Jacob’s Paradox Blocker

What is Christian Shepherd’s Role in all this?? My theory is that he works for Jacob. Jacob uses him to make sure a paradox doesn’t occur. Becuase i believe Jacob is really John Locke I will give my proof on that later, but first I’ll Explain about Christian.

When Locke becomes Jacob, he realizes that there are some problems. The main one being, he can’t give advice to his past ( or future? self ) without causing a paradox. So, when Locke arrives on the Island, so does Christian. This is Christian’s Destiny. Jacob ( Locke ) takes Christian’s dead body and resurrects it. Jacob tells Christian to be a messenger for him, since he cant talk to Locke himself.

This can explain why Jacob doesn’t like light. When John and Ben visit Jacob, they come too soon, Christian isn’t there to talk to John. So he makes sure John cant see him. If he cant see him there is no Paradox. But when Locke shines the light, Jacob freaks out. Locke sees him momentarily, and runs from the cabin.

From then on Jacob is more careful, and sends Christian out for all his tasks to avoid and chance of a Paradox.

Locke = Jacob

One Reason is that Ben says that Locke is a Leader, but he never even gets to Lead the Others or the Survivors. Ben says this because He knows Locke will become Jacob, and lead them all.

Another reason is Because of The shots of Jacob in the chair. If you look carefully it bares a strong resemblance to Locke.

This may just be me, but i believe it looks like him.

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7 thoughts on “Jacob, Christian Shepherd, & John Locke

  1. It was NOT the producers who said this. It was Michael Emerson in an interview with Comic News Insider in June of 2007. He said the role of Jacob has been cast. When asked if he knows who it is, he said that it’s a “person who already worked on Lost, but you’ve never heard that person’s voice, and I don’t know that you ever will.”

  2. Didn’t Ben say that Jacob “disliked technology as much as you do john”? He wasn’t referring to the light rather the technology of the torch

  3. Does anyone think that this pic resembles the profile of Jim Lafleur/Sawyer? I didn’t think so, but I brought the pic up during the episode and compared the two and I think they are ‘kinda’ similiar…

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