Ben knew they would be crashing?

This is not ground breaking stuff, however, it’s worth mentioning. Since we know that Saywer, Jack, Hurley, Kate, etc. are stuck in Dharma time, perhaps young Ben has seen them in the past (over the next few episodes) and knows that they crashed on the Island in the future. He either possibly hears this, or assumes this to be the case. This could be the reason he has a list of names (may not be complete because it doesn’t include Jin, etc.) that match the losties that end up in the past during Dharma time.

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4 thoughts on “Ben knew they would be crashing?

  1. I always wondered how they had all of the information on everyone. i sort of assumed since they still do have connection with the real world, they got the manifest and did some look ups.

  2. Remember it was Ethan that made the list of the front section of 815. That’s how he knew about Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley. Cappayne is right in that they used their reconaissance list to look up there info using their connections to the real world. Also remember that only Desmond is ‘special’ in that only he can be told something in the past so that he can change the future. Ben hasn’t exhibited this ability.

  3. no no! alpert has been told by locke of lockes birth and we see him present at the hospital. desmond i believe is special in a different way…

  4. We haven’t been shown for sure that Ben doesn’t have this ability… but Ben seems to be unusually well informed a lot of the time so who knows… He doesn’t jump up and say “holy crap, I just remembered something!”, maybe because he’s used to having these “memories”… I personally think that this is why he killed John Locke. He initially stopped John from killing himself but then “remembered” that John is supposed to die so he kills him. He’s learned not the ignore these memories.

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