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Well, I dont really know how to turn this into an actual theory. The best I can do is try, and even after that, run to Wiki, read all about it, and come back with a hundred posts, because they didnt put this here for nothing. Unless you havent been following Losts hidden gems, they usually have some kind of telltale sign in the story. Stay with me on this, I swear its going somewhere.
Y: The Last Man is a comic book that is written by Briam Vaugan and Pia Guirra. It is a story about a plague that hits the planet, causing all male mammals to die…simultaniously. Look, I didnt write it, I just pass the buck. It tells the tale of Yorick Brown, the only male who is apparently immune to the virus. It is a story that uses allusions and references, much like Lost. “Ive heard that before” chapter titles such as “The Tin Man” and “Motherland”, much like Lost. And is about the seemingly end to mankind..much like Lost seems to be headed. The whole graphic Novel is about the main character, sleeping with and impregnating women of the world, while trying to find his girlfriend, who is on work assignment in Australia, all the time, trying to cure the fatal disease that is plaguing mankind. The best part is it concludes in a way that leaves the reasoning behind what truly caused the “disease” and if there is truly a way to fix it.
It also relates to Lost in another way. It is about people developing cloning. This may not pertain directly to lost, but with the book “Bad Twin” leaving some speculation long, long ago, and the fact that there is a possibility of actually having two of the same characters in the same place at the same time. They refer to some of the clones as numbers. They also call some of the clones who were designed from the same person and are aware of there clone, twins.

This is a list of some of the possibilities for the disease:

The Amulet of Helene being removed from the nation of Jordan. The amulet’s owner warned that if it was ever taken from its homeland, it would create a tragedy greater than the Trojan War.
The successful cloning of a human female (which renders the reproductive role of men unnecessary) caused the Earth to “course correct” itself and eliminate all males.
A combination of Dr. Matsumori’s attempt to kill his daughter’s unborn clone fetus by injecting a capuchin monkey (Ampersand) with a toxin engineered to target the clone’s specific genetic code with a form of morphic resonance.
The Culper Ring, who may have created a chemical agent designed to prevent women from conceiving male children. This agent was introduced into China to cripple their economy, however, something went wrong, and the chemical agent instead killed males of all ages.
The Earth cleansing herself of the Y chromosome, as the Amazons believe.
Changes in the Dreamtime impacting normal reality, as believed by some Australian aboriginals and Beth.
The Rapture taking all men and leaving women as a punishment for original sin, as believed by an air traffic controller.

“The successful cloning of a human female (which renders the reproductive role of men unnecessary) caused the Earth to “course correct” itself and eliminate all males.
I found this one most interesting. Now we obviously know that the science fiction part of Lost at this point is focused on timetravel, but there is also much talk of course correction and elimination, and unecessary reproduction.
This is a work in progress, Ive been tinkering with for a few days now. I was hoping to have more before I posted it, but I feel this needs to be discussed. (Not to mention I love finding new things, dont think its been discussed yet)
Help me out people. There was much talk of “disease” and “plagues” and “course correcting”, we need to dissect this.
I dont think it is a direct relation to lost, but the similarities cannot be ignored. Maybe the ladies man Sawyer has a role here. I do think that it could in some way be a foreshadowing point, leading to the “sickness” or even “smokie” makiing it off the isalnd. I read somewhere that there is another reference to Lost (not cerebrus) that is a monster that makes it from another dimension to our world with disasterous results. Also, I know the Watchmen has been a reference for Lost (another graphic novel)for obvious character traites. But there is also a monster unleashed in that story as well, from another dimension onto the real world. Maybe there is a connection to Smokie being somehow released or escaping, terrorizing the real world, or even just spreading the “disease/sickness”.
By the way, it also happens to be the comic book Hurley is seen reading in “316”…Just thought I was rambling again didnt you ;]
Im not really sure. I have a few other ideas, but got some work to do on them. Help me out, google away, and tell me what you think…garbage or gold?

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild Name meaning: -Abbot: Father defined by or in religious connotation/definition. From the beginning, Lost was riddled with religious tone and it was obvious it would play some sort of role. Seemed fitting to start here. -Enheduanna: Mesopotamian High Priestess and the modern civilization’s first recorded poet. I created the name after season 1. John explaining backgammon history to Walt spawned the idea that the island may have a link yo the beginning of civilization and maybe even time itself. It was “poetic” and important to add this to my pseudonym. I needed the mother of poetry in modern civilization to match the religious “Father” in my first name. -Schwarzschild: Reference to Karl Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild Black Holes. Smoke monsters, hatches, and curing paralysis doesn’t point to black holes…but the sci-fi elements ran deep and obvious. The wheel moving the island and transporting Ben felt like it got plucked from my imagination. A.E.S.

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  1. BTW..If the name of the author sounds familiar, it should. Brian K Vaughn just happens to be a writer for television. The show he writes for…just happens to be LOST.

  2. AES, Here are my initial thoughts regarding this.

    We know ‘the others’ have unsuccessfully been able to have the women on ‘the island’ carry a fetus to full term. The reasons for this have been speculated that it might be a ‘time’ isssue.

    We also have learned that our ‘losties’ are connected to ‘the island’, in ways we initially were unaware of.

    Claire became pregnant off of ‘the island’, but successfully delivered Aaron on ‘the island’.

    Sun is impregnated on ‘the island’, but gives birth to Ji-Yeon off of ‘the island’.

    I can’t think of the reason why the women of ‘the others’ are unable to carry to term, and deliver their own babies, in a way I find satisfying to me.

    Given what has occurred with ‘the losties’ pregnancies and births, I do suspect, this may be a case of ‘course correction’.

    Perhaps, they are one cycle away from perfecting this problem.

    I can only speculate what the original cause of this was. But, what we do know, is that at one time, babies were born on ‘the island’, and now they are not.

    Be it a virus, punishment by the ‘Gods’, or some line that was crossed, I believe re-population of those people who are tied to ‘the island’, is what will solve this problem.

    You always make me think! Good post!

  3. AES, I just had another thought! It has to do with chromosomes.

    What if, our ‘losties’ were selected, based upon, not only on their parental backgrounds, psyche and personalities, and individual upbringings, but perhaps due to a different or unique chromosome they carry.

    For arguments sake, let’s say, this chromosome may make them immune to whatever catastrophic event is foreshadowed, in the story line.

    Given their lineage, and the experimentation which could have occurred, prior to their births, perhaps this might offer insight to their purpose on ‘the island’, and why they were chosen.

    just a thought~

  4. Good thoughts Dabsi. Glad to see you showing some interest in this. Honestly, I have been posting more speculative theories lately, and not getting the feedback on recent theories that I desired. I was truly hoping this caused some chatter, and am actually disapointed that it was kind of ignored.
    There is enough Jacob, the island, Locke, Jack, and all the other talk going on right now, same thoughts over and over. I thought with this not being mentioned here yet, I could spark a new fire, but there doesnt seem to be any takers.
    Either people are reading and ignoring, or turned off because my title doesnt have a characters name in it, or a recognizable reference title. Either way, Im probably going to repost this under a different title, hoping to draw a bigger crowd, so dont think Im nuts if you see the exact same post under a different name.
    I think that this will lead somewhere, maybe not identically or exact, but there are more intriguing comic books and stories they could have used other than this one, so I will stick with it for at least a bit.
    Thanks for the comments Dabsi.

  5. I was actually thinking that the “immunity” they carry, may be the fact that they have left the actual space time continuom. Their past, could not technically be their past, it could be their future. This sounds kind of crazy, but given the way Desmonds, Lockes, and Faradays timelines have forked or looped, that may be their key to not becoming infected. There are a lot of kinks in this, but I am hoping to smooth them out soon.
    Really need some help on this, so if anyone wants to contribute, hop on in.

  6. Hi AES, You’re not the only person who is disappointed! I am too, because I love to speculate. I see a few things in here, which could be expanded on. I only named a couple.

    There is so much that can be learned, if the possibilities are explored and shared! We, shouldn’t have to be spoon-fed everything.

    You have taken the time to place your thoughts out there, and they are there for the taking, if someone wants to put in the effort.

  7. I like the thoughts you have about the past, could actually be their future. That would be a cool twist!

    I believe there is something about the ‘time’ issues that is going to send US for a ‘loop’. lol

    Carrying forth, one other thought I have, on what I mentioned previously, is that Hanso Corp., was studying genetics, etc.

    With this season revisiting some of the staples the show began with, I think some of these things should be re-thought, and placed in the current context of the show.

    Right now, I think it’s key, to keep an open mind, and consider the many things the writers initially put forth.

    It beats, ‘reinventing the wheel’. I’m sure the answers to the mysteries, much like Lost itself, lie in the past!

    Hope some others throw in their 2 cents worth!

  8. Ahh, Dabsi, keeping me sane. I am just tired of the same old thing. I am bored of Jacob, timeloops, and Atlantis. I am trying to light new fires and not really ignore the old ones, but find new directions to the answers. The producers/writers in your words spoon feed us clues, and they sometimes too often are overlooked.
    I know this is not exactly the plot of Lost, but it is more sensible to me than Jacob being Ray, the island being Atlantis, or other theories that seemingly never go anywhere for the simple fact that there is nothing concrete to give them ground.
    I love newcomers and novice theorists (Darleton Cuse, not sure how long youve been on the site, but great stuff as of late), they offer new perspective on old subjects. But to hear the same go round discussions on things that havent even been acknowledged as a reference, let alone the secret to the show boggles me completely.
    Im sure these thoughts wont go over well with some, but I had to get it off my chest.

  9. Just glad to be around to keep you sane, my friend! Feel free to vent, anytime!

    I love a fresh perspective, even if it’s on ‘old ideas’. Repetitiveness, can dull the senses, and brings no major revelations.

    I can honestly say, from what I know of you and your thought process about this show, that you are a progressive thinker!

    And, you my friend, will be the one, I will be watching to solve the mystery of Lost, before anyone else does!

    I’ll place those odds, in Vegas, any old time!

  10. Whoa! Strong words. Although I do realize that my thought process works in weird ways, it doesnt always lead to the answer I originally looked for, or even a correct one, lol. I do appreciate the compliment, I wouldnt make your Vegas trip yet.
    My thoughts are more to make people see what they missed, at least my view. I very seldom post “true answer” theories, I merely try to make people think differently from what they are already. I myself sometimes fall down my own hole. Thats where my whole “pay attention to the religion” view returned. Thomas posted a pretty obvious theory regarding the show going full sci-fi. For the last 8 months, my attention has been on solving the mystery of the island itself, which I decided on “black hole like properties centered in the middle of the island”. Notice I did not say it WAS an actual black hole. I felt many properties meshed over each other caused the effects. It may have never been said, but it sure seems likely. It may never get said, probably wont, but give me something that makes more sense.
    Funny, I dont know if a single one of my theories ever actually proved true, but it may the same for proving false. Time will tell on some, Thoas/Ben, Walt possibly Abbadon (not sure on that one), the secret society protecting religious aspects of the world/island, but either way, I want people to believe these are possible, even if they are fully against it. Just to be openminded enough to see a bigger picture, a grey area, not just black and white. When science vs religion was a hot topic on lost, I wanted to show the bond of them on Lost. I am still fighting that battle to an extent (a Unique Marriage Proposal From Science to Religion).
    It seems though, people want a direct answer, I try to find exactly why, this is the answer. Like I said, when I try to find one answer, it usually leads to a different question..why? Not the ‘who’, ‘what’, or ‘where’ but “WHY”. Why would this person be Jacob? Why would the island be something that we already know about? Why is the island where it is? Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesnt.
    When I ask myself, why I entitled this the name of the book, I answer because I thought it would draw attention, I guess I could have entitled this “Why is Hurley reading this comic book?”
    Ok, Im done venting, hmm, think Im going to go browse some theories Ive been skipping over.

  11. lol AES, yes I was serious! Don’t underestimate yourself, and don’t blush!

    I know exactly what you mean, about starting out in one direction and falling down that proverbial hole! Been there, done that!

    However, I choose to believe that was the direction I was headed in anyway. I just took the scenic route instead! lol And, picked up some cherries along the way!

    I think after last weeks episode, there was not a lot to theorize about. It was what it was. And, it was good!

    Fortunately, on this site there are many great thoughts being shared.

    No doubt, after tomorrow nights episode, minds will once again be racing, and they will open up many more new discussions.

  12. Well I have to say I agree with the sentiments of the comments above, and the “theories” posted. Nothing against most of the people putting ideas online but “___ is Jacob!” is really trivial considering there has been no evidence to suggest he is anybody … but just an unknown character. I should start a “Jacob is everybody” theory. In fact I am not entirely sure that it matters who he is …

    But back on topic of your strange read, seems like there could be some possible things taken from this Comic Book. The fact that Hurley is reading it is either a nod to the writer, or a nod to some of its elements … I think the latter, the show doesn’t seem to care much about cameos and non-sense.

    I think people are largely ignoring this because the disease elements of the show have been dropped more recently, and not really discussed. Now that the show will most likely give some more back story, I think those elements will come into play again. Its confusing whether the disease talked about from the people in the Swan Station was just a ploy to keep them there, or just a reference to the “purge”, or some other element. The issues of pregnant woman giving birth are concrete, but so far have mostly been attributed to the time shifting elements of course correction, but could be complications caused by the purge.

    The one element that I immediately took away from your post is CLONES! If you couldn’t reproduce, what would your next step be? Wouldn’t it be cloning until some time further reproduction could continue? Plus the idea of another Ben in the world is more than fun right now.

  13. Thanks for the comments, good ideas. Remember one thing VT, ” I think people are largely ignoring this because the disease elements of the show have been dropped more recently”. Who was it that first coined the term “sickness/disease” for what happened to…her?
    Spot on, Danielle. As much as they have been dropped, it seems we are seeing the beginning occure and may not even realize. At least “our” beginning to the disease being referenced.
    Good timing or coincidence, make the call.
    I think the book being used is probably a little of both. Excellent story, writer on Lost, with another story that ties in perfectly.
    As for another Ben, maybe just for a little. At least until John gets his sense of direction back. Eating mangos, hanging out on the beach, whats next, boogie boarding, lol?
    Joking. Love the story so far, and would love to see this all tie in.

  14. Well, I think with the Losties back in the ’70s there will be a lot of questions answered. We might soon see when the pregnancy issues started. I personally don’t think they have anything to do with time displacement or course correction. There would be no reason to kill the mother in that case or for it to only kick in so late in the pregnancy. I think the issue would just be that women would be unable to get pregnant in the first place.

    I think with some of the focus of the show being in the past now we’re going to learn about some things soon like who is Jacob, pregnancy issues, who is Changs kid, etc… Most importantly I think is that we should be learning more about Horace, the early years of the Dharma Initiative and the DeGroots soon.

    I don’t think it’s a waste of time to speculate on Jacob. We don’t have much to go on, but still… It is a waste of time to say “Jacob is ______.” with no reasoning which is what most often is posted. “The Island is Atlantis” can be interesting when someone has a bunch of obscure information to share but seriously, if I find out that the writers have just basically stolen the myth of Atlantis and that’s what this whole thing has been about then I’m going to be very disappointed. Atlantis theories can be interesting but that’s most likely not the answer.

  15. Highbrow, thanks for the comments, and the restatement of my Jacob issue. Logic, even if weak, I can accept, but just guessing the same old thing for the same old reasons gets old. And Atlantis? Well, Ill be selling my DVDs if it turns out to be just Atlantis.
    As for the course correction, I dont necessarily think that it is the cause either, but I do have a theory as to how it plays in.

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