The statue is Horus

At first I was thinking the statue is Anubis, but now I think it’s actually Horus. Horus is the sun god in Egyptian mythology. There is interesting comparisons around Horus and the relationship to Jesus. The one that stands out the most is the resurrection in 3 days – John Locke was resurrected in a sense in 72 hours as well. I may be reaching on this, but its just a theory.

Links to images of Horus and the image of the status from today’s episode, also a wiki link to Horus

So, is it Horus or is it Anubis, or is it something else???

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22 thoughts on “The statue is Horus

  1. It’s killing me. I can’t tell which one it is. He has the pointy ears, and he has the big headdress like Horace. Even though they are opposites I do think that either one could fit. Horace works great with the resurrection aspect, and Anubis seems to fit with all the dead people we have around.

  2. By the way this is just a question… because it couldn’t post a theory to ask a question. How do you actually post a theory? I wrote one about the statue being Anubis at the same time you were writing one about it being Horace but I could only submit it for a review and it never actually came up. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi NMB,
    Just click the “Write a Theory” link on the top. On the page that is used to enter the theory content, you have to select a checkbox below – Fun/Question/Theory. That should to it, then click Publish (not just Save).

  4. Hi username, I don’t think it resembles any of ‘the Gods’, however it does look a lot like King Tut, given the headdress.

    I suspect it might be more along those lines. Hope that is helpful.

  5. NMB, becuase it is your first theory (?), the admin needs to review it first to ensure it is not spam. Once that is done, it should be up, and any other theories you write will immediately be uploaded.

  6. I like what I have read about Set and Horus and their conflict over upper and lower Egypt. The sun and the moon are at war. Neither god has the upper hand but Set rips Horus’ eye out. (would love to see the statue from the front).

    At stake in the conflict is the right to determine Egypt’s new ruler. Eventually Horus wins.

    Ben as Set, Widmore as Horus and Richard as a high priest?

  7. Could there be TWO statues? One by the beach (Anubis or Horus or Set) and one inland? I really like the SET-HORUS opposition. It would go a long way to explain the conflicts between forces on the island in order to name a successor to lead the hostiles…

  8. from the Wikipedia article:

    ‘After Set killed Osiris, Horus had many battles with Set, not only to avenge his father, but to choose the rightful ruler of Egypt…’
    ‘… Horus was seen as the God of Lower Egypt, and Set as the God of Upper Egypt (which happens to be south of the Delta region). In this myth, the respective Upper and Lower deities have a fight, through which Horus is the victor. However, some of Horus (representing Lower Egypt) enters into Set (Upper Egypt) thus explaining why Lower Egypt is dominant over the Upper Egyptians. Set’s regions were then considered to be of the desert…’
    ‘… But the battle wasn’t over yet, and the other gods were getting tired from over eighty years of fighting and challenges. Horus and Set challenged each other to a boat race, where they each raced in a boat made of stone. Horus and Set agreed, and the race started. But Horus had a secret weapon: his boat was made of wood, not stone. Set’s boat, being made of heavy stone, sank, but Horus’s didn’t. Horus then won the race, and Set stepped down and officially gave Horus the throne of Egypt… But after the New Kingdom, Set still was considered Lord of the desert and its oases…’

    I am thinking that you have Richard, whom I suspect plays the part of a high priest to a cult to Horus, Anubis, Set or any number of the Egyptian gods. He leads a group that worships at the temple. The extent of his power is not clear yet.

    Two other factions form, Ben’s ‘Others’ mostly recruited off island and Widmore-Dharma’s. Richard tolerates both until the Dharma faction commit sins against the island. Then Richard pushes them out, favoring Ben. The high priest is a sort of sooth-sayer who reads the signs that the island is sending him. After a time the island is telling Richard that Ben is no longer in favor and Richard looks elsewhere for leadership to the cult. He sees Locke. He investigates.

    It is still not clear to me why Richard does not go to Jacob’s cabin.

  9. this horus stuff seems pretty bang on…did anyone ever consider the statue being colosus of rhodes…
    or has this theory already been tossed out

  10. interesting stuff andre7, i like the read on that. I like your thoughts on Richard as well and the fact there is some kind of religious cult from back in Egyptian times that has been preserved by him. I think that’s what your eluding too. Fits very well with the temple idea.

    offbeat, it’s possible as well. But it really looks like that status is holding an Ankh which is usually related to Greek/Egyptian god depictions.

  11. username, I think the general consensus is that it is Horus, it seems to fit.

    The ankh represents ‘eternal life’.

    There are some very interesting reads on ‘Duat’, the Egyptian Underworld, and ‘Ammit’, the great swallower on Wikipedia.

    Check them out!

  12. I think in context with underworld stuff, Anubis/Osiris fits better than Horus. Horus in Egyptian mythology is specifically a deity that represents the sun and the moon. The Horus myth was in later times infused with the Osiris myth to make Horus a kind of do-everything god. The problem with Horus or Osiris is that neither of them have 4 toes. The Jackel-headed Anubis DOES.

  13. Good call pjdkrunkt. You might just be right. My personal feeling is the producers left it as is because either would fit – remember they once said it didn’t matter how many toes the statue had as long as it was not 5, I’ll take their word on that to be true. We may never see the statue again, unless we start getting Richard flashbacks.

    dabiatchisher, as always your posts are very informative. I’ll take a look at

  14. i dont think it would be horus, but it might be anubis. personally i have like no education on those greek gods and stuff and i dont think we know enough about the statue yet to infer what it could be. all we saw was toes and a back. then again im probably wrong. haha.

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