Horace & Amy’s Baby is Desmond

I have come to the firm conclusion in my own mind that Desmond is, in fact, Amy’s child.

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21 thoughts on “Horace & Amy’s Baby is Desmond

  1. It is nothing, But a guess wright now and here is mine. Seth Norris the Pilot of 815. I think I got the name right. Just a guess, But he is connected to Lapidus and according to Lostpedia may have a connection to Bernhard. Wich both are still around anyway, About Dez yeah he is special and you could be right it is a guessing game right now. Sorry cant write more out the door till later.

  2. Amy’s body was not seen in the Purge because she was killed by the 2 Others.

    Meaning she would not have given birth. Meaning the baby is no one who we would have already seen.

    That’smy thought at least.

  3. I thought that at first too, but the fact that Des is special has to do with him yurning the key, I do not think the baby is him, but he was my first guess.
    Honestly, if I had to choose right now, as little sense as this makes, I think the baby is…Sawyer.

  4. Right you are HugoLocke. Desmond and Miles are the only two characters who we have seen with “special talents”. (Mile’s being talking to dead people and Desmond’s talent being “flashes” for lack of a better word). These are the only two people we know of who were born on the island (Mile’s being in the first episode of season five as the son of the spokesman for the Dharma Initiative). Our (Matt and Mark) is that people could no longer be born after the massive release of energy caused by Widmore leaving the island.

  5. Hold up, hold up! Really good idea, if Amy was supposed to die and Desmond is Amys then he is specisl because he was born outside of time of time or on an alternative timeline.

    I know Dan said they cant change time but the fact is they did and as a result Amy had a baby that she wouldnt have actually had, had the past not been changed.

    The baby is supposed to be someone special so i think im pretty convinced of this theory

  6. Well if Amy and Paul were supposed to die in ’74, were the skeleton remains that the losties found those of Amy and Paul’s? I remember that Horace said that he has a deal with Richard and the others about burying the dead. I was thinking that Bernard and Rose could be the Adam and Eve in the cave, but if this was the case that Amy was supposed to die with Paul, maybe they are suspects for the skeletons.

  7. If your familiar with Novikov self-consistency principle, you would be able to understand that Amy being alive is not something that was changed in time, in fact it always happened that way (Sawyer/Juliet travel back in time and save her). I don’t believe this incident was a paradox.

    There is only one paradox on the show and I’ll explain this at a later time.

    What makes Desmond special is that he turned the key and was at the epicenter of the incident. Something happened that allowed him to see various probabilities of events (Charlies death) in the future and by seeing these events, preventing them from happening a certain way. Not necessarily preventing the final outcome completely. This is the cusp of course correction – you can not change what happened, but in Desmonds case, he can influence an event probability so that it does not happen in a certain way, but eventually it will.

  8. Heres where i get confused, how can sawyer and co have always been in the Dharma in the 70’s. At some point they mustve come back and changed things, it couldnt have always been because Sawyer and co came back from 2004 therefore time was going on for another 30 years or so before they went back. When they were in 2004 it was a 2004 that had come to be without them going back.

    Wow hurting my head, i know where youre coming from but everytime this idea of ‘it has always been’, it just really baffles me.

    Also people were saying desmond was special from before he got on the island if you remember. Saying he had a destiny etc anyone couldve turned the key, why was everyone so keen on desmond turning the key when anyone couldve done it?

    Whats the other paradox, fry my brain some more lol!

  9. I’m not sure it’s Desmond cause if it is Charlotte would be older than him because we see a young Charlotte (age 2/3?) in 1974. Amy gives birth in 1977 so Charlotte would’ve been 5/6 years old when Desmond was born, and there’s no way Charlotte is 5 years older than Desmond.

  10. Hi dear friends , i am convinced that Emy is mother of another character we havent see for a long time…..
    Remember my saying …..

  11. So Desmond is only 30 years old? I think he’s older than that.

    I guess Hurley maybe (he got his mother’s hair?) or Charlie but I don’t think we know how old he is… the only other one who’s age and gender definitely could fit is Martin Keamy and I have doubts about that one…

    It could be someone special we haven’t met yet…

  12. Desmond was in the army in 1996. At that point he’d been engaged for several years, unengaged, a monk, in love with Penny, put down by her father… I bet he’s 37-42 years old. The baby would have been 27 when we met Desmond.

    We don’t know how old Charlie is… if we do know how old Charlie is please tell me. Martin Keamy joined the Marines in 1996. That makes him potentially the right age but that would be wierd…

    I’m going with Hurley. I think the clue might be the hair. If it isn’t Hurley I think it’s someone new.

  13. I’m not going to go into full detail of why I believe this, but I do not think that Daniel’s claims that the past can’t be changed are true. Perhaps in previous repetitions of this time loop things couldn’t be changed, but we’ve seen at least 1 thing changed (Daniel talking to Desmond) and possibly others (Locke talking to Richard, who then seeks him out).

    The fact that Daniel, travelling through time, spoke to and changed Desmond, in his normal timeline, suggests to me that Desmond isn’t the special one in this regard, rather Daniel is. Or no one is necessarily — perhaps for some reason this time around things CAN be changed.

  14. Has anyone posited the theory that the baby could be Thomas, father of Aaron, the guy who abruptly changed his mind and abandoned Claire? Outside of the obvious idea that he changed his mind because he was afraid of the responsibility, maybe someone got to him and scared him off? Maybe the psychic, Malkin, who knew about the whole thing the first time Claire went to see him? And also knew about Thomas leaving Claire? That would set up a connection between Ray/Christian/Jack/Aaron and the Dharma/Others. Just a thought. Thomas and Claire look to be around 30, and born in the late 1970s.

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