Locke and Ben Brothers?

Is it possible that Emily Locke (who was a young teen aged girl) married Roger Linus and gave birth to Ben?

Emily Lock and Emily Linus both have strawberry blonde hair and they also look alike.

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13 thoughts on “Locke and Ben Brothers?

  1. christinashwan, the idea of Ben & Locke being siblings was considered a long time ago.

    It’s good to see it come back around again for us to re-consider. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    kittycarson, Cain and Abel, indeed!

  2. You guys may think i’m stupid or not paying enough attention, but the fact both Mum’s are called Emily completly passed me by!

    I like this, I like it alot.

  3. While Reading up about about Anubis because of the statue I also found something interesting about 2 other gods Osiris and set who were brothers, set was jeales of Osiris leadership so he murdered him so he could become leader but Osiris was resurrected and went on to become a great leader and took the place of Anubis, I thought this was good to go along with your ben lock brothers thing seems as though ben killed lock then he was brought back from the dead maybe lock will take Christian shepards place like Osiris did with Anubis

  4. I also didn’t realize that they were both named Emily. However, I’m fairly certain that the woman who found Locke was really Emily Locke because of all the background checking the private eye he hired did. If that’s true then there’s no way that she could be Ben’s mom as well since we know for sure she died in childbirth. It’d be cool if it somehow turned out to be true, though.

  5. For Samson, ya I would have to along with the cain and abel theme, Ben already tried to kill John when he shot him and left him for dead. Then John, overcame it. He is now taking Ben’s place as leader so I guess John fulfills this already without involving Christian Shepard.

    As for Wookieiwok; We both know how much lying John Locke’s father did to convince John to give up a kidney, I think that the Mother that was dug up was not his mother at all. If anything, maybe she was his Aunt Bea the woman who’s name is on the forms that were filled out when his mother supposedly was admitted to the psych ward. I saw a close up on the paperwork somewhere online with his aunts name on it. We have not been introduced to her yet so maybe that will be another spin.

    One more question, When Naomi dies (season 4) the last thing she says is something about “Tell my sister..” that must mean she is on board? What women were on the freighter?

  6. wookie – Even though Ben’s mom died at childbirth, she could still be Locke’s mom as well since Locke was born first.

    And Samson that Set theory is spot on to what happened in LOST.

  7. We don’t really know Ben’s mom died in childbirth – because part of that story was that he was born on the island, then later they said that part wasn’t true. Maybe mommy left the island and ‘dad’ had to raise him (but not really ‘dad’ but was stuck with the kid and gave him the story, explaining why he was such a dang jerk).

  8. Very good point, Cappayne, about Locke being born first. I feel a little dumb not catching that on my own. I’ll assume for the moment that they are half-brothers. Emily has Locke as a teenager. She gets a little older and has Ben but dies giving birth. If I remember correctly (someone back me up if I’m right), in the flashback where Locke is born, she refers to the father as Tony which indicates that Anthony Cooper really is Locke’s father (a fact I know some people are skeptical about). So now that Cooper needs a kidney, he tracks down Locke and hires a woman to pose as his birth mother, since his real one died giving birth to Ben, to set up the con. The only problem I see is this; Locke was raised in foster homes and never knew his biological mother. Why would Cooper go to the trouble of finding a woman who looks so much like his real mother? Locke wouldn’t know the difference. I admit, it’s a very minor flaw in the overall theory and doesn’t by any means blow it out of the water.

  9. Both were outsiders who lead ‘the others’.

    Horace shows up at Ben’s birth.

    Alpert shows up at Locke’s
    (Does g-ma Locke look more surprised it’s him than who-the-heck-is-that … 1:32 )

    Also, could both have been premies, or did babies just go in the incubator in the 50s?

    Dharma probably didn’t recruit Horace yet – he’s driving a mighty fine Karmann Ghia … but who’s the chick with him? Can we date the birth by this scene?

    And, why did Ben want to be sure Locke killed his dad, but then wouldn’t let him kill himself (and killed im 2x)?

    Finally, that’s IF Emily died and not ‘dying-to-get-back-to-the-island’ like Locke (and I believe Christian), after all Ben does see her (like Claire saw Christian).

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