Predictions for the Episode Arch Near Future

Lets think like Desmond, the closer the immediate future, the better your chances of predicting it with any degree of certainty.

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23 thoughts on “Predictions for the Episode Arch Near Future

  1. Please forgive me for offering a correction…

    The Polar Bear Charlotte sees is a skeleton, not a fossil. Had it been a fossil (a negative imprint in the ground it would have dated far far back). The skeleton can plausibly indicate that the bear was lying in the sand for a few decades. Also Charlotte picks up an intact leather collar. Again this artifact would probably no longer exist if the bear were a fossil.

  2. Also think they will devote a few episodes to how Sun, Hurley, Kate and Sayid wound up on flight 316.

    Also what happened to Desmond, baby Charlie and Penny after the meeting with Eloise.

    How Ben became bloodied…

  3. Desmond is not a candidate for the identity of that baby. He’s simply too old.

    In 1996 that kid is 19 years old. In 1996 Desmond had been engaged for six years, broke it off by becoming a monk, left the monastery, fell in love with Penny, left Penny and joined the army. He’s too old to be the baby. Charlie is a possible candidate since we don’t know how old he but he looks about right… Hurley is a much better choice though since we know he was born in 1977. If it’s not Hurley then it’s a new character.

  4. Absolutely not Jacob as the baby. The baby is a new character IMO.

    As for the thread, I’d like to see WHY Hurley records the numbers on the transmission.

  5. Hargy, you may be on to somehting with Jabob, as, as daft as it sounds, it’s so simple it’s easy to overlook.

    However, that would mean that Alpert is yet to meet Jacob in 1977 and would mean that there is no reason for Richard to be there story wise other than being a native which i think may be a little too boring as far as the writers of lost are concerend.

    on a different note, does anyone have any idea why Horace built a log cabin in the middle of the forest?

  6. He built the cabin as a “getaway for me and the missus” — “sometimes you need a break from the DI.” (I think that was the quote)

  7. What are the possibilities that Sawyer is the baby. Right age, never saw his birth, never saw his fathers face. He is obviously important in some way yet to be shown. He never touched the child, at least as much as we saw. Only child. “parents” died while he was young. Never saw his grandparents. Never saw any childhood before or after his parents deaths. If not someone new, Why not Sawyer?

  8. Highbrow: We agree on something! 🙂

    I agree, I don’t think the baby is Des. You made an even stronger case against it, and if the writers DO make the baby Des, congratulate yourself for being smarter than them. 😉

    Good thinking/reasoning/support on it being Sawyer, AES. That’s a solid theory. 🙂

  9. Its more than a little rough around the edges, if you know what I mean. Ive been kicking it around on different posts and had no responses. Im not going to lie. If the child is someone we know, I think its between him and Jack…Come on. Special relationship with the island. Daddys trips and relationship with Jacob and the island. Was Christian an other? Yeah, changing my mind. See how quick that was.
    I actually just talked myself out of Sawyer, and into Jack.

  10. If it is Sawyer, then who is his “dad” and “mom” who are a part of the murder suicide? We see Horace dead right after the Purge, of course this is assuming that when Sawyer told Horace “you’re a daddy” it is true that Horace is the father. So if Sawyer is the child, then Horace is not the father, or Horace does not bring up Sawyer.

  11. Just looked up some info on Sawyer and it says that his “mother” as in the murdered mother was named Mary. The only absurd thought I have is that “Amy” is in “Mary”…

  12. Of course if it is Sawyer, this would be a funny way to have him rectify his Daddy issues. Especially if Horace is his real father. The crazy long hair should have clued us in…lol

  13. HugoLocke, you are forgetting about one other person who we know turns the FDW. Charles Widmore.

    I suspect we may see this occur, given Widmore’s time frame on ‘the island’. I would be disappointed, if we don’t. The writers would be missing out on a huge opportunity with that ripe banana!

  14. I’ve looked up the entire cast and I can’t find any male characters that seem to be the right age to be the baby. Desmond seems too old, same with Jack, Sawyer etc. Boone is too young, I think he was 22 in 2004. I think that if the baby is going to be important it may have to be a new character unless the writers are really playing fast and loose with ages.

    I think we will also see young Ben

  15. kimberly: Yay! I think we probably agree on quite a bit.. the time travel thing is a big issue right now but it’s all good. I like a good argument.

    There are a few male cast members that could fit. We don’t know how old Charlie is but he looks about right… Hurley is confirmed as born in 1977. Martin Keamy (wouldn’t that be nuts!?!) is about the right age (based on him joining the military in 1996)…

  16. Charlie has parents and a brother, I don’t see how he could have been born on the island. His parents seemed rather poor with the whole “Charlie is gonna get us outta here” thing making adoption less likely. Also, he’s dead, so his importance seems questionable. Hurley’s parents are also well known and an adoption seems unlikely. Keamy looked too old but I guess they could fudge his age a bit. But he’s also dead so I think his importance is also in question.

    I think it would be far more interesting if the person were alive or even a new character whose relevance to the end of the story is still unknown. Even one of the others perhaps?

  17. I think it will be a new character. Highbrow, your quote about Hurley eating everybody made me laugh out loud. I could just picture this crazy fat guy ferociously munching on people’s legs!!hahahaha

  18. Locke might be the most important character in the entire Lost Universe and he’s dead… so I guess that isn’t really much of a handicap.

    Keamy might be too old but at least (unlock Jack and Desmond) we haven’t actually seen anything that would definitely make him too old. The earliest information we have about him, I believe, is that he joined the Marines in 1996. If he did as many do and joined the military when he was 18-19 that would mean he was born in 1977-1978.

    Adoption is definitely not off the table… maybe an unofficial adoption. Kind of like…. Kate, acting as mother to Aaron?

  19. All the age talk, you are forgetting about something. If the island is in 1977, and it jumps again, or people leave via FDW, who knows what year it could end up being. We wouldnt be able to tell who it would be. Think. John is born in 1954, how could he be an adult on island in 1952,thats right, because the concept of time is for the most part irrelevant. I think we need to look more into characters whos birth we haven seen. Who is an only child. And who would make logical sense. I cant see Charlie being the baby, why? Thats the point why? It would be kind of dumb, to make him the child. It would probably be a character that means more to the show at this point, if someone we know.

  20. Well, I’ve thrown some names around but my money is on Hurley (if it is someone we know) and sort of fits your criteria. He has a brother but we haven’t really seen or heard much of him (except that his ex-wife is swinging the other way)… We haven’t seen his birth, he’s special to the island (even though we’re not really sure why yet), and that hair. They have the same curly hair… the acress who plays Amy doesn’t have really curly hair like that. They do that in make-up.

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