Catch 22: Desmond and fate

Having read theories and discussions on this site for a few months now, I decided to jump into the discussion (well, at least giving it a try). The issue about changing the future/past is giving me headaches. I’m not on the change side, nor on the no-change side; I just can’t pick a side. Anyways, I’ll get to my point now.
I was watching season 3 episode Catch-22 yesterday, and something made me think about the fate/change blabla issue. In the episode Desmond has flashes of Hurley and Jin picking up the cable (looking glass-cable), Charlie dying, and a red sign in the sky which later turns out to be Naomi. What I find interesting is that Desmond himself gets Charlie, Hurley and Jin to come with him. Why did he do this? Right, because he had flashes of the future in which Charlie, Hurley and Jin were involved. If he wouldn’t have those flashes, would he also go on the ‘picknick trip’ leading to the finding of Naomi? He arranges it because he wants those flashes to become real, cause he thinks Naomi is Penny, and for that he needs all the factors (Charlie, Hurley and Jin) that were in the flashes. If Charlie, Hurley and Jin were supposed to go on that trip, why did he, himself, need to get them to come with him? What I mean is, just because Desmond had the flashes, the flashes played out like Desmond saw them. Get my point? Wait, I hardly get my own point It’s just something I can’t stop thinking of, and thought it’s quite remarkable in the whole fate/change issue. Man I can’t get my thoughts clear when thinking about the whole timetravel and change things pff

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11 thoughts on “Catch 22: Desmond and fate

  1. This is very interesting, what your saying is why why would desmond need the other people to go along to fullfill his vision if the unviverse would course correct anyway, Naomi still would have fallen from a plan, oly someone else may have found her, maybe she never would have been killed by lock, maybe her and her crew would have all met up together and never bumped into the losties at all,because they did have the traking devices to locate each other.
    DEsmond was only obsessed with the idea that it could be penny-and she did have a photo of desmond/penny in her pocket? what was that about?
    we find out later from Daniel that her teams 1st protocal had nothing to do with the losties but to find ben.

  2. Stone im the same as you I don’t know which is which, im just going to let the writers tell me seems easier that way. I like the way u’ve written this and I have to agree why did Desmond need to ask them to come?

    The only thing I can think of as an alternative is that maybe that’s how time originally played out. ooooooohhhhh my head hurts again 🙁 this is the chicken and the egg, please someone solve it so I can sleep at night

  3. indeed poohbear. But my actual point was that just BECAUSE Desmond sees Charlie, Hurley and Jin in his flashes, he himself asks them to come with him. It seems then that the flashes are a means to make sure Charlie, Hurley and Jin (and Des) go on the ‘trip’. I don’t really know how to explain it well especially since English isn’t my native language 😉 But I think it’s weird that Desmond asks Charlie, Hurley and Jin to come with him BECAUSE he has flashes wherein those 3 are involved. Maybe they weren’t supposed to go on the trip and find Naomi, which probably would have lead to a whole different outcome of the freighter-issue. Desmond actually made sure almost all by himself that they did go on the trip, and that they did find Naomi.

  4. Hi stone! Initially, Desmond did not know how his ‘visions’ worked. He believed Penny was coming to ‘the island’.

    In his vision he was accompanied by Jin, Hurley and Charlie, and saw Charlie’s death.

    Desmond believed his ‘vision’ would only come true, if he duplicated the exact circumstances. However, when it came down to allowing Charlie to die, he ultimately saves him.

    As it turned out, his ‘vision’ was flawed. It was Naomi, not Penny that was found, and saving Charlie didn’t change the outcome.

    Desmond learned, that his ‘visions’ were not always 100% accurate.

  5. Dabs, you just mentioned something important, which I had kinda forgotten. Thanks for the input 😉

    Desmond’s visions aren’t always 100% accurate. He sees Charlie dying and Claire getting on the heli with Aron. Claire, as we all know, did not get on the heli.

    This means that his vision of Charlie’s death and Naomi coming out of the sky did not necessarily had to become real (or in other words; wasn’t necessarily supposed to happen).

    Had he not seen that vision, they probably wouldn’t have gone on that ‘trip’, and who knows what could have happened. It could have turned out very different, maybe the losties would’ve never left the island.

    That’s what buggers me; Des made sure they found Naomi, just because he had that vision.

    I think Desmond has a major influence on events and the future. He can change the future -and not just small, unimportant events- but major events as well.

  6. Charlie dying and Claire getting on the heli with Aron as I wrote in my comment above, is obviously another vision than the one this post is about. Thought it might be a little unclear.

  7. Hi stone, I have always believed Desmond has the ability to alter the course future events.

    He demonstrated this, when he chose the manner in which Charlie would die.

    With a little fine tuning of this skill, who knows what Desmond is capable of accomplishing!

    Very enjoyable post!

  8. I also think Des is important. I just want to add that I have been curious how the Desmond/Charles Widmore relationship will play out, now that we know how special Des is and how much Charles seems not to like him. I wonder if Charles will try and exploit this later if he were to find out how special Des is. Regardless I think this will have a greater significance later on. We will see.

  9. Good thoughts guys. I’ve been very busy with university.
    A side note and/or question I’ve had since season 3: why did desmond’s flashes stopped (after Charlie’s death) and why were they (the flashes) only and specifically about Charlie diying?

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