Funny coincidence…?

There are many people who think they’ve seen the name LaFleur in earlier episodes. There’s no LaFleur in the Dharma mass grave tho (seen in The Man Behind the Curtain and Cabin Fever), and still no one knows where they could have seen the name before.

I found it interesting, so I googled ‘lafleur mass grave’. I ended up on an Indiana Jones Wiki page about a certain character named….LaFleur.

In a certain Indiana Jones episode there’s a Captain LaFleur who is the doctor of an expedition team under the leadership of Indiana Jones. According to the wikipage some members of the expedition get sick and eventually LaFleur himself dies from the disease. And guess what, he was buried in a mass grave in the jungle!

I don’t know if Lindelof and Cuse are fans of Indiana Jones. I just found it a funny coincidence. I do think tho that it’s a bit too far-fetched to say that LaFleur, or Sawyer, is going to end up in the mass grave.

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9 thoughts on “Funny coincidence…?

  1. If there is a time-look, he either has to be in the mass grave, or he must have gotten off the island. If not, we would have seen him on the island.
    Of course, it is also possible there is no time loop.

  2. stone, thanks for finding this! I had asked if there was a body in the pit, with the name of LeFleur on it, because I am following a hunch!

    That is so like the writers, to choose the name, from an Indiana Jones flick.

  3. anytime dabs 😉 I also read that a major character is going to die this season, which could be Sawyer. Ofcourse, it could also be someone else.

    And LaFleur is not really a common name, it’s not even English, so you could say that there has to be a reason the writers chose that name.

  4. “if Sawyer does end up in the mass grave, it would mean that they are indeed in a time loop.”

    No, it wouldn’t. It would actually disprove the time loop theory since there would be an end to it.

    It’s possible that LaFleur is at the bottom of the mass grave. Or he got off the island before the purge.

  5. highbrow, I confused time loop with something else. Thanks for correcting me.

    It would mean that what we’re seeing now (losties in Dharma time), has actually already happened before the 815 crash etc.

    I strongly believe tho that the events we as viewers are seeing did not happen originally.

  6. stone, that is precisely why I wanted to know if there was a LaFleur sighting in the mass grave!

    My guess is, that there wouldn’t be, or we would have been provided a clue.

    PS: I don’t count on the death being Sawyer, but alas, I could be wrong.

    highbrow, I think you got a tough road to hoe, to prove their is no time loop!

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