Now that there are only a couple more days until Namaste airs, I feel it is appropriate to ask if there was a specific reason that this episode was delayed a week?

This is the first season I’ve actually watched on TV, so is it common for a break?

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8 thoughts on “Delay

  1. I’ll throw my 2 cents in and think it was because ABC wanted to focus on their premiere of Scrubs.

    A lot of shows take longer breaks after February “sweeps” so I think we actually get spoiled with Lost. I still didn’t like it though!

  2. yea I live in spain and are forced to watch it on English TV that on the Sunday :@ anyway Lost always had mid season break out here but normally 2 weeks not just 1 :O iunno why they bother lol

  3. It probably has something to do with the NCAA tourney, which starts March 19.. Certain shows will likely be moved around. Just a guess, but it seems everything revolves around basketball this time of year.

  4. I think it’s because they’re horrible, evil people. Why don’t we have 52 weekly episodes every year? It’s an injustice that we don’t.

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