Those dreaded words….

I am sorry if someone has already posted about this subject but I haven’t come across it and think I have done fairly decent search…so on to the meat and potatoes of the issue at hand…
Of all the books that have been referenced on Lost I have heard no one talk of a book called
Valis. It is written by PK Dick. It can be seen in the beginning of the episode Eggtown. That is the episode where Ben is being held prisoner by Locke in his own home. Locke is cooking him breakfast. He reaches for the book that I am discussing and hands it to Ben.
Ben says: From my own bookshelf.
Locke: It will help you pass the time.
Ben: I’ve already read it.
Locke: You might catch something you missed the second time around (so true with Lost, no?)

The book is story within a story, kind of almost like the Matrix. It is hard to explain but a really good book. So here is a condensed version for you:

Valis is a story within a story, very typical of PK Dick. The main story is about a man, Horselover Fat who thinks he is suffering from hallucinations, tries to kill himself, and ends up in an asylum. He becomes convinced that God is trying to communicate with him. This is mainly due to his belief that a pink laser beam of light has struck him and transferred information to him that he could not have had. He believes God wants him to find the next savior. By the middle of the story, Fat ends up seeing a movie about the very events that seem to be plaguing him.

The film is ‘Valis’. Through the film we learn that the meta-conflict in book Valis is this: A supreme being has placed within our world a tendril of living information, known as VALIS, connecting the supreme being with earth. The purpose of VALIS is to emit rational information into our irrational universe. It is Fat’s belief that the universe we live in is the product of two-god twins holographic ally projecting our universe, both twins projecting the universe in stereo. It turns out that the universe we live in is irrational and imperfect because one of the two god twins is defective. This twin is the Yang or Form II and is the cause of entropy in the system. Ying, or form I, realizes this imperfection, and, to help us, has projected a portion of himself into our universe as VALIS.

So the films confirms for Fat what he has already suspected. That all of mankind is trapped in an iron prison – the imperfect universe. And the imperfect universe is fighting to prevent the intrusion of the sane. The Empire Never Ended is a phrase repeated in the book to symbolize the efforts of the broken universe to resist the repair by the sane universe.

Through VALIS he is able to send a living breathing person into our universe to try and help us heal the damage from the defectively projecting being. It turns out that VALIS has tried this several other times, but each projection has met with failure. Those that had failed include Dionysus, Elijah, Siddhartha the Buddha, and most recently Jesus.

So here you have this entity, VALIS, projecting a steady stream of carefully placed information to try and counter the irrational information we are given. It does this by altering television commercials, subtlety changing them so they contain coded messages to help guide the chosen inhabitants to itself. It sends the main character, Horselover Fat, subliminal messages through commercials, the re-occurrence of pottery, the premature deaths of his animals, and finally through a beam of pink light. That’s right ‘ the same color that Desmond’s key-turning produced. Once the pink laser beam of light strikes Fat he begins to think that he is living in two times at once. He is both in California currently and in ancient Rome, living the life of an early Christian man named Thomas. It turns out that Fat, after being given information by the beam of light, realizes that he has had a transfer of consciousness to Thomas and now they both occupy each others brain both in the past Roman times and in modern California times. Fat later learns that what we all think is modern times is actually still Roman times. God tricks us into believing time has past ‘ but it’s an illusion. Fat realizes that the only time that really exists is when god is appearing to man ‘ during a theophany.
Valis ends with Horselover Fat, a. k. a., P. K. Dick, travelling to the Pacific islands of Micronesia looking for the 5th incarnation of Christ. “One night I dreamed I owned a small cabin directly on the water, an ocean this time; the water extended forever. And this cabin did not resemble any I had ever seen; it seemed more like a hut such as I had seen in the movies about the South Pacific. And, as I awoke, the distinct thought entered my mind: Garlands of flowers, singing and dancing, and the recital of myths, tales, and poetry.”
Now doesn’t that sound a lot like Jacobs shack?

***Theophany, from the Greek, theophaneia (meaning “appearance/showing of God”),[1] refers to the appearance of a deity to a human, or to a divine disclosure***
My point in all of this is that is kind of all reminds me of Lost. “The Island” is Valis searching for emissaries and eventually “The One” who can set man free. “The Island” may have gather many factions together in one place and set certain events in motions to try one last time and hopefully get it right. I am not so good with the theory thing… mainly because I can’t concentrate only a little under five hours to go, until Lost… I am useless on Wednesday…but at an rate check out the book and expand on my idea if you have some free time.

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

10 thoughts on “Those dreaded words….

  1. cocafreckles, what a great read! Very interesting story about Valis.

    There certainly seem to be elements of Lost throughout this story. I like the part about the twins, as well. In addition, to sharing a consciousness. I have always wondered if twins were somehow present, but we don’t know who they are yet. It wouldn’t surprise me, especially if the mothers didn’t conceive naturally.

    Dharma/Hanso and all of their genetic research may play some part. AES, and I have discussed the ‘twin’ factor, previously and OT has some great thoughts on genetically engineered children.

    What I particularly like is, searching for the 5th incarnation of Christ! The one, who can set man free. You are on the right track.

    This is what a ‘war’ if there is to be any, might be about, if this aspect or parts of it are true.

    The part about ‘the island’ gathering a number of factions together rings true to me. I believe there are at least 3 factions so far.

    Give my theory on the ‘smoke monster’ a read, as there are some complimentary features in it, that marry up nicely with yours.

  2. something else I thought of…. when Desmond turned the failsafe key… the light was of pink-purplish color… the beam of light in this story is described as such as well…

  3. and another thing….
    Oh those numbers! Without them Hurley never would have made it to the island. Invoking them brought him the means to purchase two tickets on 815. Based on her own recollection, those same numbers brought Daniel and her team to the island. The flight was labeled 815. Those same numbers found their way into almost everyone

  4. cocafreckles, I’m definitely on board with the numbers being used as a draw to ‘the island’ for ‘the losties’.

    That certainly would explain why they received ‘the calling’, wouldn’t it?

    Love your thoughts on this all the way around!

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