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This isn’t too much a theory as it is an explanation and discussion starter. I’m going to try to clear up the timeline of what happened since the 316 plane crashes on the island.

So we see the crash in “Namaste” and we see that some of the O5 disappear or have disappeared. Caesar wakes Ilana up, Lapidus meets with Sun, and Ben of course makes his entrance. He is NOT injured, so some time elapses from after the crash to when Locke sees Ben in the injured bed. The plane crash did NOT injure Ben which we first came to believe.

Now everyone is shaken up after the crash, and Lapidus, being somewhat of a leader, and from being on the island in now his second crash, decides to step up and get things moving. Caesar intervenes, and gets everyone to go search the plane and the Hydra. He probably takes a only few people with him immediately to the Hydra, as a lot of people stay on the beach/plane area looking for their luggage and possibly food. Maybe some are even starting to collect the injured and bring them to the Hydra.

At the same time, Sun sees Ben “escaping” (as usual) and follows him, to which Lapidus sees Sun wandering off into the jungle. So now it’s a 3 way following session, and as we see Sun ultimately knocks Ben out. Could this be the injury that Ben sustains to put him in the bed? Based on the timeline in this post, a lot of things happen simultaneously in my opinion, so it is very possible that this could be the injury as even 2 hours is enough for Locke to see him injured (more to this later). We already see that Sun with her “I lied” (which was awesome) is capable of doing more to find Jin. We know that more happens before they leave the small island on the boat, as Ben is seen injured on the bed, and because people know of “The pilot and a woman (who is now 100% Sun)” who left on a boat.

So while this whole Ben/Sun/Lapidus scene is happening, this is where Caesar is looking through the Hydra station and finds the gun, but not after a long time of searching. I say this because during this search, Sun and Lapidus bring an injured Ben to the Hydra, telling whoever is in charge of the bodies that they found him injured “wherever”. Then as they are leaving the Hydra (abruptly), the person/people there ask them where they are going. They say they are leaving on a boat to do whatever. Sun can make up lies, it doesn’t matter what the alibi was.

Now while Sun and Lapidus are bringing Ben to the Hydra, cue in strange man in suit appearing standing in the water. Ilana and others see this, so Ilana runs to the Hydra to tell their leader, Caesar, what just happened. When she gets there, the person/people in charge of the bodies tell her that the Pilot and a Woman left on a boat. Because Ilana is more intrigued with mystery man Locke, she doesn’t ask for details (which sucked at the time for us viewers). So Ilana finds Ceasar, tells him about Locke, and then when she gets back to the beach, tells Locke about the Pilot and a woman who left in their discussions.

Locke wants to see everyone from the crash who is there, or a manifest, so Ilana takes Locke to the Hydra (she did ENOUGH traveling!) where he sees the NOW injured Ben and busts out his “that’s the man who killed me” line.

The only thing that I can’t quite figure out is what happened from the time of the crash to the time that Locke showed up. Was he trying to break out of the coffin? Was he in the forest, much like Christian’s coffin was, so he had to make a trip to the beach? Either way, I think that I have hopefully cleared things up with the 316 timeline for those who were somewhat confused. After all, the events were shown in 2 separate episodes, and with LOST, episode order means nothing in terms of island time. One thing I can say is that because my theory suggests that the injury Locke sees Ben with is from the paddle to the head, that Ben will wake up VERY soon, which should make for a great next episode!

So feel free to agree or disagree with the timeline or add some stuff I forgot. Hope this helped!

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9 thoughts on “316 Timeline on the island

  1. Looks pretty good… The biggest question about the timeline is just where was Locke from the time of the crash to the time he met the 316ers. It could be significant or it could be nothing…

  2. Two things.

    First, there was no indication that Lapidus and Sun brought back an injured Ben. If anything I would think Sun would leave him to rot on the beach next to the other two outriggers.

    Second, Assuming Ben’s injury (injuries) are partly due to his being previously beat up and partly from Sun hitting him and the fall to the ground. A Head injury is a serious matter.

    This week actress Natasha Richardson fell and hit her head on a beginner ski slope near Montreal. The injury did not appear serious but an hour later she started to complain about not feeling well. She then lapsed into a coma and is not expected to recover. This is a tragic event. A simple accidental fall.

    I am not suggesting that Ben is in a concussive Coma. On another post I was actually suggesting that he may be inhabiting his younger body in 1977. In fact, the way he asks Sayid whether he is a hostile seemed kinda creepy to me. I was thinking maybe Ben is playing Cat and Mouse games with Sawyer, Sayid, Jack and the other Losties preperatory to betraying them.

  3. I know there is no indication to Sun and Lapidus bringing him back.

    But if Sun and Lapidus were already at the boats (which took a while to find, and were somewhat hidden), how would:

    1) Ben be found and brought to the Hydra?
    2) people know that the Pilot and a woman took a boat to the main island?

    They walked far enough already that it would be tough – even if the boat was seen – to identify the paddlers as the Pilot and a woman.

    Also, Caesar – during Lapidus’ pep talk – spoke about going through stuff at the Hydra station. At the same time Ben and Sun and Lapidus headed out. When Ilana sees Locke, she does a trip to the Hydra, a trip to the beach and a trip to the Hydra where Ben is already there. Note that Caesar said that “these are those who were injured from the crash” meaning that Ben must have arrived there not too long after the crash, so he was still assumed a crash victim.

    And yes, the whole Natasha Richardson is possible. It just seems way too soon after that time to when Locke sees him to think that someone else found him. He was either brought back by Lapidus and Sun, or got up like you said, and walked back, to later pass out.

    Even if they don’t bring him back, it doesn’t explain how people knew that the pilot and sun took a boat.

  4. No problem. I wanted to add 2 more points now that I re-watched Namaste.

    1) Ben is not feeling any effects of being injured from pre-316. At one point during his walk he looks at his arm sling, gives a laugh/shrug look, rips off the sling, and proceeds to touch his arm like he magically got healed, which we have seen time and time again. So any injury he has is from since he got to the island.

    2) When Sun knocks out Ben with the paddle, it is broad daylight outside. Ben earlier stated that it’s a half mile trip to the nearest dock on the main island. When Sun and Lapidus arrive at the main island, it is pitch black outside. There is no way they took 5+ hours to paddle half a mile. I’d like to debunk any theory of them leaving right away. It’s not like they stopped somewhere for gas or food on a half-mile “journey”. They definitely did more from the time of Ben’s knockout and arriving at the main island dock, and I’d like to stick to my timeline/theory of them bringing Ben back to the Hydra.

  5. If I were Frank I’d probably try to make out with Sun for a bit after Ben was knocked out. That’s probably not it though…

    They did something during that time. Bringing Ben back does make sense. They definitely went back to the 316 camp though because it was known that they took off in a boat.

  6. question? What is with the statue it seemed to get locks interest aswell mine? I know in the past locke has came across it, but it was broken! I am having a hard time trying to wrap my head around that. what is the time frame they are in and what was the time frame when locke frist incounters the broken statue?? because if the time was 2004 when he first came across this statue. and know if could be in present time. the statue is unbroken????

  7. They are in 2007, after we see the broken statue in 2004. I’m not sure why we have not seen it as it is pretty big, but it’s something the writers can avoid until it is important.

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