’78… ’76… Oh here it is, ’77.

So because there is a 1978 photo, we know that new recruits came in 1978. But I don’t remember seeing a 1979 or past that photo. Could this be because of the “incident” or are these totally separate?

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6 thoughts on “’78… ’76… Oh here it is, ’77.

  1. Hi cappayne! Christian pointed out the photos on the wall, and they only went to the year 1978. After pointing out a few, he chose the one from 1977, with the ‘losties’ in it.

    According to Lostpedia, ‘the incident’ occurs before 1980, so the fact there is no picture for 1979, might indicate it was because of ‘the incident’. It also might indicate, that the ‘losties’ were either unable to prevent it, or perhaps even been the cause of it.

  2. Andre7, I am uncertain of what the map shows regarding the date of ‘the incident’. I can’t recall, but that is what Lostpedia is reporting, that is prior to 1980. I know people have said Lotpedia is not always accurate, either.

    I do have an inkling, that something is up with the dates we have been led to believe. Personally, I am not going to be relying too heavily on them, until we see more.

  3. Yeah, the date of the incident is definitely just speculation. It’s mentioned in the Swan orientation film and that was apparently made in 1980.

    As for the pictures… I think they were probably put up in chronological order so Christian went to where the late ’70s pictures were and started looking for ’77…

  4. we know that Dharma continued on for another 12 or so after “the incident”. I would think that they would have had to bring in new recruits at some point right?

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