The Truce

After watching a re-run of Lefleur, I thought of a theory on the Truce and ‘where’ Richard and his crew are staying. I don’t have any proof, and I don’t necessarily believe it is true. It is more of a “possibility” then a theory…

Maybe Richard and the hostiles are responsible for going into and policing different ‘times’ in order to encourage certain events to happen, and prevent other events from happening. It’s possible Richard goes to Horace because: (1) he thinks Sawyer and company are from a different time and do not belong in ’77, or (2) His crew wanted to capture Amy and her baby, Ethan, for reasons unknown. Other people stated that Ethan looked much older then ‘late twenties’ when Losties arrive in 2004. It would make sense if they took him into a different time.

The truce could have been an agreement betweent Dharma and Hostiles that the latter not try to change the past/present. This really doesn’t explain why they tried to capture Amy, but I believe they were trying to take her and Ethan, and did not intend them any actual ‘harm.’

There are definitely holes in this theory, but that’s why we are all here. Any thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “The Truce

  1. willis, I definitely like your line of thinking here. I believe you are onto something regarding ‘the truce’, in terms of changes, but am unclear of what that is at the moment.

    Something good to ‘chew on’, for sure!

  2. If your theory is true, I do not believe the Hostiles ask for them not to change time, because I don’t think they are able to, due to the theoritical laws of time travel I hold to. I think they decide who controls the island to make sure that whoever Does control the island is working in the best intentions of “The White”, or simply put the greater good. They facilitated Ben’s Coup, and now that Ben is being corrupted by power, they stage Locke’s coup. Maybe before Ben, Richard staged the coup to boot Widmore out.

  3. Henry, I have to think about this theory and what I believe. Its a great thought and made me think. The reason they would take Amy, wouldnt be because she is pregnant, but because these time police already know it will.

    Willis, my man, loving this theory. It definetly has real potential. This would also correlate with my idea of the truce being related to the rules that Ben and Locke spoke of. Posted it in another theory of mine. Great stuff here.

    I do have one BIG problem with this “theory”, that makes absolutly no sense to me…..

    Why is it in fun and not theories ;] Easily worthy of the theories page, great thinking.

  4. but it says they wanted ethan too….which if they had taken her then….there would be no ethan bc she wouldnt have gotten pregnant with horace

  5. I don’t know why it wasn’t posted as a theory? Maybe I accidentally hit the box after I typed it?
    When I typed the theory I was going for the idea of capturing Amy to get to Ethan. I knew Horace is supposed to be the father. Got confused on my timeframe.
    Thanks for your input!

  6. Hi willis, after you write your theory in the box, before you post it, go to the bottom of the page and check off which section you want to place it in, where the boxes are provided.

    Hope that is helpful.

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