Ben’s Others and Richard’s Others

I don’t have alot of evidence or detail, but something interesting has been coming up in my off-line discussions about Lost.

My boyfriend keeps talking about Ben’s Others and Richard’s Others as though they are closely related but seperated entities.

Most of the Others we know by name or face belong to Ben’s camp, and seem to work in a very DHARMA-like project/research oriented situation.

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10 thoughts on “Ben’s Others and Richard’s Others

  1. I definately agree that Richard’s people are the original inhabitants and many of the People working for Ben are recruits. I think you have to just suspend disbelief on the Ethan age thing. I doubt there is anything else to it.

  2. There are three instances of Richard’s later activities with Ben.

    First, He recruits Juliet off island and possibly arranges an accident (which to me nullifies a lot of theories of Richard being dead – I do not see a lot of Zomie-corpses succesfully leaving the island)

    Second, he spies on and videotapes Juliet’s sister and nephew Julian in the park, sending the live feed to Ben at the Flame.

    Third, he is pushing Ben around in his wheel chair and has something to do with Cooper’s appearance on the island. (Is he the ambulance driver who kidnaps Cooper after his car crash?)

    Does he live in New Otherton? Maybe not. But he certainly works closely with its inhabitants on and off the island.

  3. I have thought this for a while now. The others that Richard hangs with seem to be the whisper fighting badasses and the ones Ben hangs with are the scientist type.

  4. I never meant that I don’t think Richard and Ben together. I think Richard lives seperately from Ben and that his aims are not necessarily the same aims as Richard’s.

  5. Ben and his group could have a similar relationship to Richard and his group to the relationship the DI had with the Hostiles. They just get along a lot better. Maybe they have some mutual interests…

  6. I agree with both of you. There are the Temple ‘hostiles’ and the new D.I. ‘others’. Richard seems to have a greater and older interest in the Temple ‘hostiles’., even though he helps Ben recruit the New D,I, people like Juliet.

  7. sohrshah, I am inclined to agree with your line of thinking on Richard.

    It is a mystery as to where he actually resides, and/or if he does, in the traditional sense.

    The idea of there being two factions within one group, seems to be evident.

    While the end goals of each group may be similar, I believe that individually they have their own agendas. Perhaps, uniting as one to approach a common goal, is the best strategy for all involved.

    Good thoughts!

  8. Exactly. Though I think that Ben fell out of favor with the Older Others. He still has a great deal of pull off-island, but he mentions that they, the others no loner want him as their leader. It’s quite interesting, really.

  9. The only separation I see between a supposed “Richard” group and a “Ben” group are separated by Others Pre-Ben and Post-Ben. We saw the point in time where Ben is recruited and after that (in the perspective of a normal, non-lost timeline) they co-exist with the same group of people.

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