Easter Eggs anyone?

Sense no one on this site seems to do this i will post them for hell of it. I you want me to stop just say so. I think this is a great site full of smart and polite people… but a few things are lacking. So here are the easter eggs for 5.9-Namaste

1.The numbers can be heard over the radio as the plane is trying to land?
but WTF? Weren’t they replaced by Rousseau’s and then after that didn’t Jack do away with them? (Correct me if I am wrong, I know somebody will).
2.They finally confirmed that yes… 316 did in fact “land” on a “runway” that Sawyer and kate worked on. Does this prove a timeloop?
3.We got to see the Flame Station, which is the communications hub, isn’t that where Makhail spent all his time trying to get in touch with the outside world?
4. Radzinsky, we finally meet. So I guess he ain’t Farday, sorry about your theory being flushed…
He drew the blast door map… which now makes sense sine we see that he has helped with all the construction presumably
5. The baby’s name is Ethan, is in Ethan Rom? I guess so… whoever came up with that… good job
But that’s just still strange, right?
6. Did you notice the music playing when the group photo was taken? The song playing during the group photo (also the song playing in Jin’s van at the end of “316”) is a Geronimo Jackson song called “Dharma Lady.” Obviously it’s not by them since Geronimo Jackson is a fictional ’70s band.
Well there were a few more but really boring… but if you ask me I will tell you.

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

12 thoughts on “Easter Eggs anyone?

  1. cocafreckles, I’m glad you posted these.

    1. Rousseau has not come to ‘the island’ in 1977 yet.

    2. Geronimo Jackson is a REAL band. They were quite an obscure band, who came out of the ‘Haight, Ashbury’ section of San Franciso in the 70’s. Due to Lost’s popularity they are making a resurgence with fans.

  2. Are you sure about Geronimo Jackson?
    I am not so sure… I mean come on Dharma Lady?
    Everything that is refered to them refers back to Lost…
    1977…I thought the 316 plane crashed in the “present”.

  3. cocafreckles, I am sure about Geronimo Jackson. I believe it was in the last Video Podcast with Darlton, where they brought it up.

    I am not sure you are right about the song, being ‘Dharma Lady’.

    I didn’t catch enough of it to tell for sure, but I think it was actually ‘Delta Lady’, by Leon Russell from the 70’s. Check it out on You-Tube.

  4. Dabsi…I think the band is fictiociousi..I may be wrong, but I have asked evry single record store around here, and now every single record store employee around me thinks Im nuts…yes, I go the extra mile sometimes. I even went to one of those, “if we dont have it, we can get it” places. They checked all the sites they order from…and nothing.

  5. AES, aside of the Podcast, I found this In Wikipedia:

    Geronimo Jackson has been referenced in six episodes of Lost as well as in The Lost Experience. The producers of Lost have asserted that Geronimo Jackson was a genuine, but obscure, 1970s rock band, which released one album entitled Magna Carta.

  6. Oh, wait a minute, maybe those pesky writers ARE messing with us again!

    I found the song, Dharma Lady on You-Tube. It sounds like it’s all a hoax.

    Carry on, cocafreckles!

    Right again, AES! I should know better than to question your good logic and common sense! I shall smack myself around! lol

  7. I am really sorry to nit pick but as the scorpion said ‘It’s my nature’. I only write this because I love the idea and title of this post.

    Please define Easter Egg for me. I thought (in the case of Lost) it had to do with an obscure cross over detail usually in the background of a scene.

    So the numbers playing on 316’s shortwave radio (if that makes any technical sense) IS an Easter Egg.

    A Geronimo Jackson song would be an Easter Egg.

    316 landing on the runway is not an easter egg. Radzinski and the Flame are not an easter egg. Right?

  8. I thought that the numbers in and of themselves are always considered easter eggs…easter eggs can also be conisdered an asides the writers make with us, the audience… well that’s my two sense anyway…as for the “runway” it was just speculation… until we got the confirmation, we all know (or should know) never to assume anything about Lost.I threw that bit in to point out that there just may indeed be a timeloop at any rate, and as for the Flame I wasn’t implying that he was there in 1977, just that, as reminder, that’s where he spent his time when the Lostie met him or whatever, nit pick away…but know that I will defend myself and position and pont of view…I am not a push over

  9. Apologies to you Cocafreckles. Did not mean to rock your boat.

    As I said. Love the title of your post and will definitely be thinking about ripping it off in future weeks (hope you will not resent that), if so just drop me a line and we can negociate 🙂

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