Theory on children and their integral part in the Island

Ok, so after watching this Onion News video today about the Pervertasuarus, and then discussing lost theories with my friend, I have come to a terrifying conclusion on the part that children play on the island and why they are a reocurring theme and a vital point in the series, yet seem to appear so sparingly.

The Lost island and it’s consituents are part of the super adventure club. They worked closely with it’s creator, and discovered that children contain something called metachlorians (sp?). Metachlorians make humans immortal, and are contained in the body of children (so says the creator of the super adventure club). Why is Richard Alpert ageless? Why is it that Christiand and Locke have new life, and seem to be immortal? They have been buggering kids. That is why the hostiles seemed to kidnap all of the children from the airplane, and seemed to take ethan and Benjamin, assumably among other kids. They gave them to Richard so he could be immortal. Not only this, but why did Christian take Claire in the night? And where the heck did she go. She must be buggered out of her mind by now, and needs some alone time. Thats why Christian shows up everywhere and never goes away, he’s the abnoxcious kind of immortal thanks to innocent claire.

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11 thoughts on “Theory on children and their integral part in the Island

  1. When do you presume Ben – and Ethan for that matter – were “taken” by the Others? Ben meets Alpert by the fence around the same time as 1977 (due to the same actor, and Ben being in school at that time). It’s just weird that Ethan was only 15 during the Purge, and Ben was about 30.

  2. Ethan likely was not on the island during the purge. Charlotte left because Farady told her to. Likely Ethan will leave because Juliet told him to. Remember back to the relationship Ethan and Juliet have.

    Now to the children. I’m going to go into abstract representations of biblical theories. The quick route – The 7th Sign with Demi Moore. The bank of souls is emptied and this ushers in Armageddon. If, poetically, we are going to see an Armageddon style “war”, and my theory on the “Bank of Souls” is correct, this means that children ARE able to be born on the island up to a point. That point could be directly after Ethan’s birth.

  3. Capp, did you see the episode when Chef left, poking fun at Scientology? They call it the Super Adventure Club, and members ‘tke advantage’ of children. was meant as I joke, I’m sure

  4. Didn’t offend me in the least! I consider South Park one of my favorite shows of all-time, aside from Lost, Family Guy, and maybe a few other shows.
    The show you are referring to was one of the very best! I wonder if we’ll ever see ‘Evil Chef’ in a future episode?

  5. Adding to this theory. Richard Alpert decided that since he couldn’t be the first person to get to the island, as the Indians or Mayans or whomever already had, he decided he could be the first to bugger all the children of the island. And so he joined the super adventure club and became ageless.

  6. This theory has new life!!!!

    Consider this. Why does Richard say that Ben will lose his innocence if he comes with him and that he will never be the same.

    The answer is that he will be buggered. From what I understand, that can be pretty tramatic and it takes away your innocence.

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