Ethan is a clue

I found the revelation of the baby being Ethan a bit weird. Why would the writers show us the whole storyline of Amy being pregnant and having a baby and then show us that the baby’s name is Ethan. Ethan has never played a big role. Until now I think.

I still believe that the past can be changed by the losties but Ethan I think is sort of a clue that the past can NOT be changed.

If Sawyer and Juliet would not have saved Amy, Ethan would probably not have been born.
That means that Sawyer and Juliet saving Amy, was ‘part of the plan’; it was supposed to happen.
And that would mean that what is happening now, has already happened before the 815 crash.

Ok, this might be a little far-fetched. But the writers didn’t show us the Amy-Ethan thing for nothing. I’m starting to believe that the past can not be changed, and that what’s happening now, has already happened pre-815.

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15 thoughts on “Ethan is a clue

  1. The writers said in a podcast that we would be getting some answers about Ethan and finding out his story.

    I don’t think that the clue is about time though. I think it is another clue about why the others are taking children who are not their own.

  2. I think you’re right jonaldo. The ‘clue’ is probably not what I wrote. But that doesn’t make my theory useless.

    It’s still an argument that supports the theory that the past cannot be changed, and that the events that are unfolding now are all supposed to happen.

  3. The writer’s have made up their mind about whether anything can be changed by time travel. They have given us clues on both sides actually. I think that no matter what we have seen or will see up to the end, will clue us in as to what the writers have already chosen. We are all just guessing.

  4. Ethan being the baby, as much as that disappointed me, is evidence to support the “past cannot be changed” theory… it’s not enough to make the theory conclusive though… people will say “they weren’t going to kill Amy” or “if Sawyer and Juliet hadn’t saved her someone else would have”…

  5. My question/theory:

    We know that Ethan is alive, now, and in 2004 when the losties crashed. We know that at some point Ethan became an Other. We THINK that Amy is Amelia that we see as an Other in 2004. We know that the Other’s at some point started kidnapping pregnant women to give them shots or whatever.

    Let’s say that Juliet and Sawyer were never there at the beginning, so they originally did not save Amy. Who is to say that the Others, who are so obsessed with children, were trying to kidnap and NOT kill Amy. They took her to the Other’s camp and turned her into an Other, forcing her to change her name. Ethan’s name did not need to be changed as he was not born yet, but his last named had to be changed so that there wouldn’t be clues of him being Horace’s son. Maybe an older male Other had the last name Rom. Ever wonder why his last name is Rom, and not Goodspeed?

    So this allows Ethan to survive the Purge as he is an Other from birth. Would it not be ironic that Ethan was in charge of kidnapping Claire when she was pregnant, when his own mother was kidnapped when she was pregnant with HIM?

  6. Wait, I’m confused. The only time we saw the Others attempting to have anything to do with Amy was three years before she was preggers. Are you saying that they kidnapped her, brainwashed her into becoming an Other, then sent her back to the DI to get knocked up by Horace?

  7. I agree with highbrow.

    The birth of Ethan has, at first, nothing to do with the Others. Amy wasn’t pregnant until about 2 years after the kidnapping.

  8. Stone: Amelia is an older woman who arrives first at Juliet’s for the book club on the day of the 815 crash.

    It has been speculated that she is the famous woman test pilot Amelia Earhart who crashed-disapeared in the pacific in the 1930s. The writers are fond of anagrams and the airlaine lounge where Juliet meets Ethan and Richard before embarquing for the island belongs to a company called Hararet (or something like that. An anagram for Earhart)

    Since the episode two weeks ago other people have been speculating that Amy (short for Amelia?) may still have been alive among the others in 2004.

    Take your pick. I like both theories…

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