This is just a rumor but…(Possible Spoiler)

So I heard that Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) just got a new job for abc’s next big thing “V”. While they are saying it’s just a “guest role”, I am suspicious. Isn’t that the same line they tried to pull with Libby when she ended up on “Pushing Up Daisies”? Again, this is another rumor but someone else is suspose to die, as in not ever coming back, dead (besides Charlotte). While I thought that maybe it would be Hurley or Sayid at first, this makes more sense. Everyone hates her, it’s not just me, right?! They killed Nikki and Paulo because viewers hated them, that wasn’t originally in the script (like a lot of things, but I digress). Besides, she’s got some benipulation in her. So anyway… give me your thoughts…

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I am an disgruntled fan of Lost. I love to hate it and hate it to love it. JJ is notorious for letting down fans but I don't hold it against Lost. I have a crazy theory that has been brewing for the last year now and I will be posting it shortly. Forgive my tirades and bitter comments. I get on edge when I can't get my Lost fix.

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